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Boston College Daily Links: ACC Hot Seats

Daily Links for Thursday, July 17, 2014

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Coaching turnover is a fact of life in college sports, something BC fans are certainly far too familiar with. ATLEagle takes a look at which ACC coaches could be under the gun soon.

Eagle in Atlanta -- ACC Hotseats

In his latest Mailbag, Stewart Mandel listed the college football coaches most likely to get fired. Former BC staffer and current Virginia Head Coach is No. 2 on the list. London's ties to BC are deep (TOB is his OC and Spaz's son is walking on this fall). He was also a candidate for the BC job after Gene fired Jags. I preferred him to Spaz at the time, but it looks like he would have struggled at BC too. But London's situation is a reminder that more coaching changes are coming to the conference. They always do. And if we are holding steady with Addazio, coaching changes can be good things for BC.

It would nice to not be in the bottom half of coach longevity for the first time in a while in football or basketball. Maybe that can happen in the coming years.

STG looks at who might be the impact freshmen this year:

Top 5 Boston College Football Freshmen to Watch in 2014 - Soaring to Glory - A Boston College Fan Site

We look at the top 5 Boston College football freshmen to watch this season, who might step up the most out of the newcomers, and more.

Giants' Roster Breakdown: Andre Williams, RB (Big Blue View)

"When you stop and think about what Boston College was able to accomplish this year, I don't know how much tape you guys have seen, but they would come out sometimes in two or three tight ends, which would bring the entire defense down and actually have the offensive formation contained almost hash mark to hash mark in college football. And yet this kid still rushed for (2,100) plus yards," Coughlin said. "He's able to break tackles, he's fast enough that when he gets in the open he can go all the way. He's demonstrated that. He runs outside, he runs inside, he's run the counter game, the gap scheme stuff, the power and he breaks arm tackles, he runs through people, he's strong, he's not big, strong legs that allow him to drive through people and fall forward, which is another nice thing."

Flames prospect Johnny Gaudreau comes up short at ESPY awards | Flames - Calgary Sun

Creighton basketball player Doug McDermott won the award. Gaudreau, who lit up the NCAA ice with a two-point-per-game average during the 2013-14 hockey season, was up against McDermott, David Taylor (Penn State wrestling), Jameis Winston (Florida State Seminoles football) and Lyle Thompson (Albany lacrosse).

All I have to say is, if this is a "short" joke, then boooooooo.

Florida Panthers prospect Michael Matheson looking forward to another year at Boston College - - NHL Insider

"I have to go back there and work hard and make sure I develop my game so that I can get it to this level," Matheson said. "I just felt that I could develop more at BC and that I have some more developing to do there."

Of course, he goes on to say he's looking to follow the Nick Bjugstad model of going pro after three years in college and making the NHL. Which, granted, is a perfectly reasonable goal, and I don't blame him for it. But it is a little weird to see the captain of the team quoted in the press for the second consecutive summer essentially dismissing out of hand the idea that finishing four years at college is on the radar. Who knows what'll happen, I guess... I certainly didn't think this time last year that Matheson would be back for his junior year, but here we are.