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Boston College Daily Links: Discussing ACC Permanent Rivals

Daily Links for Monday, June 9, 2014

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, ladies and gents. Hope your weekend was a good one. It was definitely full of sports, with an epic Stanley Cup finals game on Saturday night, the USA's last World Cup tune up, and I hear LeBron did a thing as well. To the news:

Andrea Adelson ACC football mailblog: Debating permanent rivals - ESPN

Given the fact that divisions are probably going nowhere, the ESPN ACC blog takes a long, long look at setting up the ideal "permanent rivals" for each team. I'm gonna narrow it to what you care about:

I would like to submit some adjusted rivalry assignments: Boston College: Syracuse, Miami

That looks right to me.

New Guy had some great MLB draft coverage all weekend, but if you're jonesing for more, the Herald had a profile of Andrew Chin:

MLB Draft: Challenges can’t stop Eagles’ Chin (Boston Herald)

"Andrew is very mature, very intelligent, and he sort of understood dealing with getting drafted, getting injured and coming to school" BC coach Mike Gambino said. "He faced the adversity, saw it as a challenge and worked through it."

Miami is attempting to fill up one of its less-attended games this year by pairing it in a miniplan with the Florida State game, which is certainly not a new idea here at BC. But their ad for the mini-plan caught some eyes:

Miami promotes FSU and UNC games by asking fans if they want to go to fewer games | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo Sports

In the ad in South Florida newspapers (via the Palm Beach Post), Miami implores fans to "Go to fewer games." Yes, it sounds brazen, but the school isn't targeting season-ticket holders.

Because of the popularity of the Florida State game on Nov. 15 the school is coupling the game with the North Carolina game on Nov. 1. The justification in the ad is that the Florida State game will not go on sale to the general public and the price for two games is cheaper than it would be for a Florida State game on the secondary market, and there's a hat thrown in as well.

The US Men's National Team rolled out a re-tooled formation on Saturday against Nigeria that looked pretty good en route to the US's 2-1 win. The upshot from a BC perspective is that it looks like Alejandro Bedoya is likely going to start against Ghana a week from today.

Defining and explaining the successful – and new – US formation against Nigeria | ProSoccerTalk

"We started off a little bit lethargic," said Alejandro Bedoya. "It took a little bit of getting used to, but we did what was asked of us."

Bedoya played well on Saturday, including making a nifty pass to start a sequence that led to the US's first goal:

One week from today, let's see more of this.

Game 3 of the Stanley Cup FInals is tonight and the Rangers need a win to get back in the series. The Kings have been just incredible in this postseason at always finding a way to come back and win no matter what - as evidenced by their 2-0 series lead despite leading for 0:00 in the first two games combined. Can they put NY in a stranglehold tonight?