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LSU Quarterback Hayden Rettig Transfers To Rutgers

No more Rettigs. Yay? Nay?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

US Army All American quarterback Hayden Rettig will not be donning the maroon and gold. Instead he made B1G news when he chose yesterday to commit to Rutgers:

I was in coach (Kyle) Flood's office, yesterday. And I told coach Flood the school is special. It's got great people, a great fan base, a great school, a great education and I'm gonna graduate with a great degree. And you have an opportunity to play for a Big Ten championship every year. And I'm happy I can transfer in. It's a great opportunity, and this is just kind of the beginning.

Rettig was a 4-star recruit out of high school and was a Top 100 recruit, so this is clearly a nice get for Rutgers. Given what Rettig said it doesn't sound like Boston College would have been a good fit for him in the first place. He discussed that he left LSU because they were going in a different direction with the offense, and Rutgers is much more behind the center type QB which is apparently what Hayden wanted. The article also doesn't mention that Rettig had any other options he was looking at and Rutgers was his primary choice from the get-go.

Interestingly he's quoted as saying his interest started when former BC offensive coordinator Dave Brock briefly took over for the Scarlet Knights in 2012. Brock had a connection with Chase, which helped introduce the program to the younger brother. Hayden says that he was always interested in Rutgers even before he committed to LSU. Rettig will have two years of eligibility left in 2015.

Best of luck to Hayden. Hopefully he has some big moments in his future. Enjoy New Jersey!