Next Year's Hockey Lineup

I figured I would try to map out what I might think would be a good lineup for next year's hockey team. I am assuming that there are only 3 incoming forward recruits (Tuch, Milano, Sanford) and 1 incoming defense recruit (Hanifin)

Now some of the more knowledgable posters can chime in here with any ideas or thoughts but this is what I might want.

Forward Lines:

Milano - Fitzgerald- Tuch

Calnan - Gilmour - Cangelosi

Sanford - Sit - Smith

M. Gaudreau - Linell - Silk

Defense Pairings:

Matheson - McChoshen

Hanifin - Santini

Doherty - Savage





I believe that leaves these players not dressing:






Now if Miles Wood does accelerate a year and come in with the next class, I would switch things up by putting him at left wing on the second line in the place of Calnan, move Calnan to LW on the third line, and move Sanford to LW on the 4th line with Matty G no longer suiting up. Another thing that interests me is Evan Richardson. I have heard that he has crazy good hands and is another prototypical "small BC forward" with excellent skills. Im not sure exactly why he didnt play last year so maybe he simply isnt good enough to crack the lineup, but im hoping that all he needed was a year in a college weightlifting program to put on some muscle and add some strength. If that is the case, I would love to see him maybe slot in as the right wing on the third line and move Smith to the center on the 4th line and Linell sitting out. Or, if Wood does not come next year, put Smith at center on the 4th line with Linell moving over to LW and Matty G sitting out. I dont believe Linell or Smith are centers but i think Smith has shown some strength on his skates that will help tremendously with faceoffs, and he is also a much better defensive minded forward than offensive minded, so i think he could handle the defensive responsibilities of the center position well enough.

So just to clarify, if Miles Wood does not come next year then my lineup would be what is above with the option of throwing Richardson in at 3rd line RW and Smith moving to 4th line C and Linell moving to 4th line LW and Matty G sitting out. If Miles Wood DOES come next year, my ideal lineup would look like this.

Milano - Fitzgerald- Tuch

Wood - Gilmour - Cangelosi

Calnan - Sit - Smith

Sanford - Linell - Silk

With this lineup with Wood coming next year, the same things apply with Richardson except for I probably would just take Linell out of the lineup instead of replacing Sanford. Honestly, I have been very unimpressed with the play of Sit, Smith, and Linell in their 3 years here and would rather see some new faces get a shot or have a guy like Silk who skates hard and hits everything that moves in the lineup. But I think they might be necessary to slot in for next year especially with our lack of natural centers. Ok well ya thats my lineup. Feel free to chime in or make your own lineups!