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2014 NFL Draft Profiles: Linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis

One of BC's most successful defenders of 2013 will be looking to find a home in the NFL

Jared Wickerham

Combine Numbers:

40 Yard Dash - 4.51
Vert. Jump - 39.0 inches
Broad Jump - 128 inches
Bench Press - 28 reps
20 Yard Shuttle - 4.02 sec
3-Cone Drill - 6.92 sec


Kevin Pierre-Louis is quick on his feet, exemplified by an outstanding combine workout. He can get up and down the field quickly, and is above average in diagnosing plays and shedding blocks. In terms of tackling KPL is again good (not great), and did well last year blowing up plays before they developed. One of his strongest suits is his intangibles, he is highly driven to succeed and learn, and is a leader on defense.  Todd McShay said that "Still developing as player (instincts, hands)," he tweeted. "But can contribute in NFL. If nothing else, can cover kicks right away".


KPL's composition has to be a little concerning in regards to position placement. At 6'0 230lbs he lacks the size needed to be an effective NFL linebacker and in my opinion would be gobbled up by some of the bigger offensive linemen that he would face. Numerous times last season against better offenses KPL would get sucked in by play actions, and had trouble shedding blockers to make plays. Injuries also play a factor with him, as he has had a tendency to get dinged up and with his size this could be exasperated in the NFL. There has been a lot of talk of drafting Pierre-Louis and converting him to a strong safety, which given his above average speed and skills wouldn't be a bad option.

Teams that have had Pierre-Louis in for private workouts or visit

New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants,

Team that would be the best fit

Given his flexibility to play a number of positions, and that right now they wouldn't need him to step in right away I would have to say that the New England Patriots would be a good fit. They are a team that likes guys that can be moved around, and if KPL could start off on special teams while learning the safety role, his intangibles and strong work ethic could make a good connection with Bill Belichick.

Projected Draft Round