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2015 BC Target QB Quentin Harris To Announce Decision Tomorrow

Connecticut Dual Threat QB will be choosing between BC, Duke and a bunch of Ivy Schools

Darren McCollester

It's been quiet in the BC recruiting world the past few weeks, but things should heat up tomorrow as Taft School (CT) dual threat QB Quentin Harris will be making his decision on which school he will be playing for in 2015.

The 3* QB has a myriad of offers but right now the schools that stick out are Duke, Boston College, Princeton and Yale. Clearly academics are important for Harris, but the question then remains, how will proximity to home be a factor in his decision. Harris has been actively recruited by BC for over a year now, and has had multiple unofficial visits to the campus, including seeing a few games so that probably helps in the Eagles favor.

Boston College is clearly moving towards grabbing a quarterback for the 2015 class, which makes sense given the lack of depth at the position moving forward. James Walsh, Darius Wade and possibly Troy Flutie will be the only three QB's on the roster next year.  Georgia QB Hampton McConnell might be plan B if Harris decides to go with another school.

However, Adam Rowe the Duke writer for 247 believes that Harris will end up with Duke and would be surprised if he ended up anywhere else. On the site 86% of respondents have Crystal Ball'd Harris to BC, with only 14% (just Rowe) picking Duke. Along with Brian Favat, I believe that Harris in the end will pick Boston College, which has the academics he is looking for, the opportunity to compete for early playing time, and a close proximity to home.

Harris hasn't announced what time he will make his decision, but of course check BCI for any updates.