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You'll Never Believe The Goal Johnny Gaudreau Just Scored (OK, Yes You Will)

I'm trying out for Buzzfeed, how was my headline?

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The US hockey team is currently wrapping up its final group stage game against Germany at IIHF World Championships. With the game tied 3-3 early in the third period, Johnny Gaudreau scored this ludicrous goal to put the Americans up 4-3. He now has a goal and two assists on the day.

The goal was not initially spotted on the ice because it clanked in and out of the back of the net so quickly, but after a video review, the goal was confirmed.

If the US holds on to win this game, they will finish either second place or third place in their group behind first place Russia and, potentially, Belarus, depending on whether or not Belarus knocks off Russia later today in the group stage's final game.

UPDATE: USA wins 5-4. Gaudreau adds another assist for a 4 point day. With 10 points in the tournament, he's now the 2nd leading scorer at Worlds.