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Boston College Basketball Coaching Search: Jim Christian, BC "Close" to Deal, Per FOX Sports Ohio

'Round and 'round and 'round we go...

Gregory Shamus

FOX Sports Ohio's Zac Jackson reports that Boston College and Ohio University head men's basketball coach Jim Christian are nearing an agreement that would put Christian in charge of Shooty Hoops on the Heights (which is just like Pops on the Heights, only with less spectators in Conte Forum):

We've already been down this road, but Jackson is presumably receiving his information from Christian's camp, and you may or may not find that more credible than Mark Blaudschun's sources. There does seem to be more substance to his rumored candidacy than that of any of the previous names thrown at the wall. In fact, Christian-BC talks may have already cost OU a prized recruit. So, although Boston College is still silent on the situation, all signs do seem to be pointing toward a Christian-BC marriage. In the meantime, WOUB has posted a nice timeline of the situation to date, which you can read here.

If and when this does come to fruition, hopefully BC AD Brad Bates will explain exactly what makes him believe Christian - whose record of success is founded on two ready-made situations at Kent State and Ohio - is capable of making BC competitive again in the ACC.