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Boston College Daily Links: Kuechly Stars in Madden Promo

Daily Links for Tuesday, April 29

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Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

EA Sports Releases First 'Madden 15' Trailer | Daily Snark

It's coming. . . . The first trailer for "Madden 15″ was released by EA Sports. It features Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly and even though it doesn't show any actual game play footage, it gives a little taste that there will be a "transformation" that we'll be able to see come June.

Cool to see Kuechly becoming a true superstar.

Speaking of beloved Eagles from the recent past:

Colts pick up 2015 option on Anthony Castonzo’s contract | ProFootballTalk

When the Rams exercised the fifth-year option on defensive end Robert Quinn's contract on Monday, it made a dozen first rounders whose teams had moved to tie them up through 2015. That number has already gone up.

Prospect Primer: RB Andre Williams, Boston College - presents 'Prospect Primer,' a video look at an assortment of draft-eligible players who attended the scouting combine in Indianapolis. Boston College's Andre Williams set school records in 2013 for rushing attempts (355) and rushing yards (2,177) on his way to winning the Doak Walker Award as the nation's top running back and being named a Heisman Trophy finalist.

NFL draft experts evaluate ACC college football prospects (ESPN ACC Blog)

McShay also lists the 32 best draft prospects who have come out in the past five years. To make his ranking, McShay ordered his final player grades from the past five drafts. The players with ACC ties that ended up ranked: 14. Luke Kuechly, LB, Boston College

Cam Atkinson is awesome:

Cam Atkinson Buys Game 6 Tickets For Camped-Out Blue Jackets Fans (Video) | NHL |

It was cold and rainy Sunday night, but camping out for Game 6 tickets was well worth it for a group of Columbus Blue Jackets fans when they were surprised by a familiar face.

The Blue Jackets have made themselves a lot of fans this year. Their season is over but they had fans of pretty much every other team pulling for them last night as they attempted a frantic four-goal comeback in the third period against the Penguins. Atkinson should be a big part of their young core moving forward.

ATL talks baseball on the heels of New Guy's imploring of the team to keep up the streak:

What to make of Baseball's upswing? (Eagle in Atlanta)

I think that when the season ends, you judge the Coach on the totality of his time at BC and the trends. It looks like things are trending up. And if they keep at this pace, Gambino can claim that he turned the corner. But only once the season ends will we have proper perspective on this hot streak. Writing anything now about Gambino's future is premature

The Birds are back on the field today for a doubleheader against URI.

Rowing Concludes Racing Against Northeastern, MIT (

The BC Varsity Four led the race for the first 500 meters and continued to expand their lead for the remainder of the race. BC finished with a time of 7:24.4, ahead of Northeastern 7:39.5 and MIT 8:11.0. The BC Second Varsity Four, led by graduating Senior Megan Conway, gained a small lead in the first 500m, and pulled ahead slightly through the middle 1000m. They were continually challenged by the Northeastern crew, but held their lead throughout to finish with a time of 7:42.7 ahead of Northeastern 7:47.6.