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Boston College Football: Eagles Lose WR Harrison Jackson To Torn ACL

We don't have people.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Boston College's nightmare situation at wide receiver continues to get worse this spring as junior wide receiver Harrison Jackson tore his ACL and will be out for the season, according to Eagle Action's Eric Hoffses.

"It was a freak accident," said Jackson of the ACL injury. "I was running a football route and just cut in and it happened. I'm just taking it day-by-day trying to have a positive attitude."

One of the Eagles starting wide receivers a season ago, Jackson was lmissed significant time after being hospitalized with a chest injury suffered during the New Mexico State game. Though he was frequently on the field, he never was a favorite target of Rettig and finished 2013 with just five catches for 46 yards.

The loss of Jackson coupled with the loss of Marcus Grant, Spiffy Evans, Brian MillerNigel Matthews and Alex Amidonleaves BC in a precarious situation at wide receiver. Bobby Swigert should be the number wide receiver in 2014, but he is returning from major knee surgery so who knows what BC could get out of him. Dan Crimmins and Joel Zoungrana will both be back as well, but again, what have they been able to show that should alleviate any anxiety. Drew Barksdale, Jeffrey Jay and Griff Rogan are listed as receivers, but again haven't played meaningful minutes at the collegiate level. Charlie Callinan looked strong in the spring game, but that's an exhibition matchup, so who knows.

Along with the crew listed above Ryan Day will have a trio (possible more) of freshmen that he can try out. Thadd Smith is a smaller wide receiver who could play in the slot. Gabe McCary and Nat Dixon are both longer receivers who would be a deeper threat on the edges. Also, it wouldn't surprise me if Day moves one of the running backs like Marcus Outlow over to the slot, and have him fill a role like Shane Vereen did for the Patriots. Troy Flutie is a wild card.

The final option for Addazio is to look at fifth years and see if he can get someone with experience. Already we have heard Shakim Phillips name thrown about, but we won't know if he'll finish in time until this summer. Many online sources have said that Addazio will be looking around at other recently graduated players to see if he can grab another one, so that bares watching as well.

Harrison Jackson is gone, and it's going to be up to the coaching staff to figure out a solution to this growing problem at wide receiver. There are options, and if Ryan Day can find lightning in a bottle he will use it, but if he can't I wouldn't be surprised if BC goes back to lining up a gigantic offensive line and just pound the ball the entire game.