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Former Boston College Tight End C.J. Parsons Charged With Assault Of Homeless Man

The former BC starter along with a Marist QB will be charged with the severe beating of an Allston man.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Former Boston College tight end C.J. Parsons was charged today with assault and battery in connection with an assault of a homeless man in January.

According to the charge, Parsons, along with Anthony Varrichione a Marist QB, got into a physical altercation with a homeless man after the man asked the two football players for money and food. Parsons and Varrichione reportedly asked the man to leave. He refused to do so, and then the two repeatedly attacked the homeless man slamming his head into the sidewalk four to five times. The beating only stopped when an unidentified women threw herself on the victim's body.

Along with the charges of assault, Parsons is also charged with intimidating a witness after he allegedly tried to coerce a witness from testifying. The homeless man spent three days in the hospital in critical condition and has no recollection of the events of that night.

Boston College administration has taken actions against Parsons as well. According to Boston College spokesman Jack Dunn,

"In light of these disturbing allegations, Craig Parsons has been issued a summary suspension from Boston College,’’ BC spokesman Jack Dunn said in an email. "He will have no access to the campus until the matter is resolved."

Also because of the pending charges, and his ban from campus, Parsons will be prohibited from participating in the graduation exercises. Parsons could have had one more year of eligibility this upcoming year, but was not on the roster this spring. For many, it was a curious move given that BC had questionable depth at the position. But clearly off field incidents like these are serious, and Parsons playing days with the Eagles are over. This is a very disturbing story, and one that you hate to see attached to your football program.