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Boston College Athletics Joins Social Media Platform Fancred

BC becomes the first ACC school to join one of the hottest sports social media platforms on the interwebs

Boston College Athletics has been making great strides in it's social media presence this year, with wonderfully created banners created by SID Mark Majewski, and up to the date info on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This week they added a new platform to the resume, Fancred.

Fancred is a social media just for sports fans. It's a cool platform that allows you to post "hot takes" on anything from March Madness, to World Cup soccer, to Boston College Athletics. The great part about it is that you can add pictures, and GIFs, which makes the experience that much more visual and interactive.

Boston College is the first ACC school to join the platform, joining other programs like Southern Miss, Mississippi State and the Rat Dogs down the B Line. Other sites on Fancred include Athlon Sports, NESN, the Red Sox, and, and of course BC Interruption.

Joining is incredibly easy. All you need to have to join is a Facebook account. If you have and IPhone/IPad head over to the App Store and Download, and if you want to just use it on your home PC or MAC, you can now use the free web based version.

Brian and I were both beta testers for it, and post BC information on it constantly both via our personal accounts and through the BCI account. With BC on there, the Eagles community is sure to blossom but we need to get more BC folks on there, so make sure to check it out!

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