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Scott Spinelli Hired As Boston College Assistant Head Coach

Boston College may not have gotten a flashy name for head coach, but they bringing in some heavy guns as assistants.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple reports online, Maryland assistant Scott Spinelli is set to leave the Terps and will become Jim Christian's right hand man and top assistant:

The move is almost a no-brainer for Spinelli who has connections with Jim Christian through their time at Boston U. Scott and his wife are originally from the Boston area, too. According to Maryland reporters he is going to get a significant raise to come to BC as well.

What does this mean for the Eagles? For the first time since Joe Jones and Ed Cooley, the Eagles have a legit assistant head coach that can recruit. No offense to Steve Donahue's coaching staff, but they brought a pedigree that was more appropriate for an Ivy League school than an ACC school and their recruiting efforts echoed those sentiments.

Spinelli is an outstanding recruiter in the Boston, and was instrumental in bringing in 4* Wrentham PF Jake Layman to the Terps last year, and Evan Smotryczz when he transferred from Michigan. He has had an 8 year career as an assistant with Mark Turgeon, both at Maryland and at Texas A&M before. Spinelli is a huge hire for the Eagles, who for years have struggled to attract area talent to the Heights. With many scholarships coming off the books soon, Spinelli will be the top assistant and recruiter, and may be seen as the architect of Jim Christian's rebuild.

This is a very exciting for the Eagles. Let's see what he can do to fix the recent problems we have had at BC.