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Ash Wednesday: What Are You Giving Up For BCI Lent?

BCI Editors and Contributors weigh in with what guilty pleasures they'll give up for Lent. What about you?

It's Ash Wednesday, the official kickoff of Lent. For the next six weeks, you'll give up a guilty pleasure and repent for your sins. It's a season of cleansing, atonement, self-denial, and repentance. And in self-reflection, you'll get to discover things about your essence. At least that's what they told me in Catholic high school.

Talking it over, I came up with an idea this weekend - as a BC fan, what guilty pleasure would you give up for Lent? Let's have some fun with this - don't make it something real, make it something you do here, on the site, or on the message boards, or at BC games.

CoachJF had a great point this week in talking about what you'd give up. He said, "Basketball is too obvious. You also aren't supposed to give up something you hate. There is supposed to be sacrifice, pain, and suffering involved. This eliminates anything having to do with basketball, baseball (HEY!), women's basketball, volleyball, or Spaz."

So far these are some of the answers:

Dan Rubin

Resident Jewish guy. Gives up nothing. Just fasts once a year from sundown to sundown in the heart of the football season during the preseason of hockey and in the middle of college soccer season. Breaks his fast with a light meal consisting of anyone beating up on UMass football.

Joe Gravallese

I'm going to give up ripping on and criticizing the basketball program for Lent. Quite frankly, they've been piled on enough. Everyone knows they suck right now, and everyone knows Donahue is gone barring a miraculous run to the ACC Championship. So there's no need to pile on. BC will hit the reset button this summer and move on with a new coach - and hopefully a fresh, exciting start for the program.

I admit obviously that as a hockey guy there was always resentment during the GDF era that the basketball team seemed to get more attention and priority than the winter sport that we are actually good at. But I don't need to harbor such resentments because Brad Bates has been an outstanding supporter of all BC sports and unlike his predecessor hasn't blown off making improvements to the hockey experience. Also, given that hockey is averaging 6500+ fans a game, there's probably no need to worry about having the attention of the BC community.

So, I shall lay off shootyhoops. And share nothing but positive thoughts as they go for that ACC title. Go team!

(Only for 40 days though. AKA - as long as it takes to play the last two minutes of a basketball game)

(It's not Lent yet, so this doesn't count.)

Grant Salzano

I will give up Boston College hockey in its entirety but only starting April 13th.

Some of our people already weighed in, but I'll put it forward to you. What would YOU give up for BC Lent? Most creative answers get the option to come on the air and talk BC Sports with me. That's right Joe - I'm stealing your idea from hockey season and giving away free air time and use of my radio equipment! If none of you are creative, I give away no air time, people!