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Boston College Spring Football: 10 Questions On Offense

Steve Addazio's second season is under way. We examine some of the questions facing this young team.

Mike Ehrmann

Spring football opened up for the Eagles this previous weekend, and with a lot of change on the offensive side of the ball there may be numerous questions about the team, especially on offense. Gone is Andre Williams, Matt Patchan, Chase Rettig, Alex Amidon, Spiffy Evans, and Ian White. But there are certainly players here now that are ready to take over. Let's look at some of the top questions heading into spring football.

1. How do you replace Andre Williams? After a memorable season AW with his over 2,000 yards of rushing yards are gone to the NFL. The question remains how will the Eagles move on from Williams? Unfortunately not all of these questions will be answered during the spring as incoming freshmen Sherm Alston, Marcus Outlow and Jonathan Hilliman won't be arriving on campus until June. But it will be interesting to see how Ryan Day mixes up the running game with the backs he has now. Tyler Rouse and Myles Willis both could get carries this spring, but the question will be how will the offense split up those carries.

2. Transitions at the tackle. Along with Williams one of the strongest units last season was the tackle position. Unfortunately both Matt Patchan and Ian White are gone. That is a little unsettling, as they were vital to the running game. What will Steve Addazio do to move on? Jim Cashman, Dave Bowen and Seth Betancourt all spent time at tackle, but none have extensive experience. Will the coaching staff consider sliding over a guard now that Ian Silberman is on campus. Bobby Vardaro has the build to be a tackle (6'6 300+ lbs), but might it be someone else? Should be interesting to watch.

3. Bobby Swigert's knee. How will the senior wide receiver recover from his knee injury that limited him in 2012 and forced him to completely miss 2013? In most cases knee surgeries are pretty cut and dry, but you never know there are always complications, and for a slot receiver like Swigert you have to worry about his ability to cut and break. Will he be ready for the spring? We shall see.

4. Tyler Murphy's Injury And BC Transition. The Florida transfer is back home with his recruiter Steve Addazio. Gone is the expectations of the Gator faithful, but with his transfer comes a whole slew of new responsibilities. In all likelihood, Murphy is going to be the starter come the fall. But before he gets that designation he has three major hurdles looking at him. Learning Ryan Day's playbook, gaining his wide receivers trust, and recovering from his shoulder injury. All eyes are going to be on Murphy this spring.

5. How does Darius Wade look against college competition? With Jon Baker being the only other true freshman at spring practice (and he's out with an injury), Wade will be drawing a lot of attention. Clearly he is looked at as the quarterback of the future, and he is going to get some serious looks this spring with the 1st team offense. But how will he react to a college defense, which will clearly be more superior than anything he saw in Delaware.

6. How will Day's offense adjust to a mobile quarterback? Last year we saw glimpses of what a mobile quarterback could do in this system, especially when Rettig rumbled against Syracuse. As painful as that was to watch, you had to get a little excited about what a mobile QB could do in this offense. Will there be more role outs, options, or designed runs? For those who critique Day's offense as too bland, this spring might give you a better idea of what wrinkles he can add to the offense with Wade and Murphy.

7. Who is going to play the top wide receiver role this year? With Amidon, Marcus Grant and Spiffy Evans gone, BC is going to need to figure out who the go to guy is going to be this spring. Swigert seems like he would be the most likely candidate, but his injury history has to be a concern. Will it be Harrison Jackson, who given a quarterback who might actually target him, might be a serviceable target? Could it be Joel Zoungrana, who we haven't seen much of? Josh Bordner? lol. Or will this question not be answered until the true freshmen get on campus?

8. Tight Ends? I've read rumblings that C.J. Parsons will not be returning this year and will graduate. Not sure how to true that is, but it's clear BC doesn't have many reliable proven options on this team. This is not to say that we don't have good tight ends, they are just not proven yet. Will Louie Addazio, Mike Giacone or someone else shine during the spring and rise up the depth chart?

9. Who is going to be the leader on this offense? Last season, even with his struggles it was pretty clear that Chase Rettig was the emotional leader on offense. This year there is a void in the leadership role, and knowing Steve Addazio's dude mentality, he is going to be looking for that emotional and spiritual leader on offense. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Tyler Murphy, but what about one of the senior offensive guards/center that have been on the team for five years, maybe Harris Williams or Andy Gallik?

10. Will someone new emerge? With so much turnover on offense, there is bound to be someone we don't expect that steps up on offense. Could it be an offensive linemen that is moved to a new position? Wins Homer and Frank Taylor are both ready to be pushed up on the depth chart. Could it be a tight end that shows off a good pair of hands? What about a wide receiver that hasn't played much? Or how about a quarterback like James Walsh that hasn't played a snap yet?

These are my 10 questions going into the spring. Leave your questions and thoughts in the comments.