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Boston College Daily Links: Coaching Search Continues

Daily Links for Thursday, March 20

The NCAA tournament is underway today, which from a BC perspective means the first batch of potential next BC coaches could lose and be available for interviews.

Safest NCAA pick: Tommy Amaker will leave for BC - Sports - The Boston Globe

Sorry, it just makes too much sense. The 48-year-old Amaker has done everything he can do in seven seasons in the Ivy League. He has hit the glass backboard ceiling. He is an ACC guy (Duke) and a man who can take BC back to the levels it reached under Bob Cousy, Dr. Tom Davis, and the much-maligned Al Skinner (Al must be smiling a lot these days). And he would not have to move his family.

Harvard Notebook: Tommy Amaker deflects talk of BC candidacy | Boston Herald

Harvard coach Tommy Amaker could make a professional upgrade with a slight modification to his daily commute. Amaker's name is atop the list of potential candidates to replace Steve Donahue at Boston College. BC athletic director Brad Bates fired Donahue on Tuesday. Amaker tried to dismiss the rampant speculation yesterday as he prepared the Crimson to face Cincinnati in the second round of the NCAA East Regional today.

MEN'S BASKETBALL: How Steve Donahue And His Team Failed On The Court This Season - Sports

This BC team failed. A total of eight wins was simply unacceptable. When the season ended last Wednesday, it was up to Bates to determine how much of that failure was the responsibility of Donahue, and how much confidence he had that Donahue could turn things around. He decided that he didn't have enough, so Donahue was shown the door.

Boston College, Brad Bates Made The Right Call on Steve Donahue - Soaring to Glory

Yesterday afternoon, after nearly a week of unrest within the Boston College basketball fanbase with regards to media reports and the lack of an official announcement, Boston College athletic director Brad Bates went public. The Eagles fired head coach Steve Donahue after four years.

Commentary: Steve Donahue was Never the Right Fit for BC (Conte Confidential)

In fact, I would go one step further and say that Donahue, while a skilled Ivy League coach, was simply not qualified to coach in the ACC. That's where Donahue went wrong: he approached coaching in the ACC the same way he coached at Cornell. No disrespect to the Ivy League, but in this conference, that is unacceptable.

Google Android Wear Commercial Totally Trolled Syracuse Fans (The Big Lead)

Google's new Android watches (we'll just wait for the neural implants, thanks) let you simply access information important to you, such as sports scores. We can't imagine that specific game choice was coincidental.

Enough with the watch lists; here’s an effort at picking who’ll be among the 10 Hobey finalists (

I tried to make it easier on myself this year by using a "watch list" and paring it down, but as we get down to the nitty gritty, I find myself adding back in players whom I'd previously ruled out or had never really considered in the first place. We'll see if that comes back to haunt me, but in the meantime, here are my picks for your top 10 Hobey finalists:

Four Eagles Honored in Postseason Awards - Boston College Official Athletic Site

Gaudreau grabs Hockey East scoring title for second-consecutive season; Arnold wins best defense forward - Demko, Santini named to All-Rookie Team