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Boston College Football Holds Pro Day For NFL Scouts

Under the bubble BC players showed off for scouts.

Andre Williams Speaks With Reporters
Andre Williams Speaks With Reporters
BC Athletics

As we march towards the NFL draft, BC players continue to perform for scouts in order to show them that are NFL worthy. Two weeks ago we had the NFL combine, and many BC fans were shocked that so many players did well in their individual workouts. Today BC held their Pro Day under the bubble at Alumni Stadium, in front of scouts from 30 of the 32 teams.

Boston College kept the event pretty low key, the only way information has been disseminated so far has been via Twitter, but there has been some interesting developments to note.

Unlike the NFL Combine, quarterback Chase Rettig was on hand to perform. He did basically all the drills you would see at the combine. I still don't think he will be drafted, but I respect the guy and would love to see him hook on somewhere. Interesting side note, according to the Heights he was throwing passes to Alex Amidon who may not continue with football. I wouldn't necessarily look into that too much though, clearly over the years we have seen that there is an immense comfort level and familiarity between the two.

Andre Williams, who said he felt comfortable on his home turf, continued to impress with his speed

However, his difficulty catching the ball seems to be throwing up red flags from some scouts. It's clear that AW has been working on this skill, but it still doesn't appear to be natural for him.

Kevin Pierre Louis also continued to show flashes of speed and agility that impressed scouts. Like Andre Williams he struggled catching the ball. News on Kaleb Ramsey and Kasim Edebali has been sparse.

One of the biggest stories was kicker Nate Freese, who still hasn't missed a kick in over a year. During his drills he hit EVERY SINGLE FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT including a 60 yarder. Freese didn't go to the combine, but he should be able to catch on with an NFL team, especially after a showing like that.

Steve Addazio spoke with the media and had some thoughts about his first senior class, which he admitted he felt very attached to. First he spoke of Matt Patchan, and said that he thought Matt had the "build of a 1st round draft pick." Also on hand was Atlanta Falcons quarterback and BC alum Matt Ryan along with his wife Sarah. It would be nice if they stuck around and talked to any recruits BC has coming through this weekend.