2014 BC Recruiting Dinner

Tonight marked the annual BC football recruiting dinner, a make-up date from early February due to a snow storm. The event was held in the Barber Family room on the 2nd floor of the Yawkey Center and 150 of us squeezed in. It was an impressive turnout, especially for the middle of the week, and nicer accommodations than in years past.

The event began by Barry Gallup introducing John Wetzel back to campus and invited him to say a few words. If you recall, John was an OL that never redshirted and after his 4 years he left for the NFL. However, he left a semester early and after being injured last year and now being placed on the Cowboys' practice squad he is back on campus to finish his degree that he promised his mother he would do.

Brad Bates was introduced to a round of applause, having seemingly hired the right coach. Brad wanted to be clear that two specific things stood out in his mind after this football season. The first was the play where AW broke loose a 70 or so yard run and fumbled into the end zone. But the whole time he was running Alex Amidon was right with him, never losing a beat and pounced on that fumble in the end zone. It showed the team's solidarity. I also want to point out tonight that it was revealed that Alex Amidon has graduated BC and is becoming a Navy Seal. Yes, you read that correct. The second thing Bates stood out to him was the first time he heard Adazzio say he was here to be an educator. To shape these young men into adults and to learn lessons and take experiences that will make them good men, husbands and fathers. Pretty strong stuff.

When Adazzio took the stage he of course captured the audience. The man demands attention for all the right reasons: positive demeanor, well-spoken, loud and passionate. He acknowledged we hit our goal of bowl eligibility but we missed out on that 8th win. Going forward the goal is to win ACC championships which we all would want the goal to be. He wouldn't answer which players decided not to return but instead suggested we focus on the 30 who will be on the team. These kids are full of character and possess values consistent with BC. I was interested to hear that we will be recruiting heavier in Catholic schools in CA and Dallas/Ft Worth. We will continue to keep a recruiter in Atlanta, but pull all but 1 from Florida. Ohio will continue to be a hot spot despite only 1 commit from that state for this class. It's just the way things fell this year.

It was nice to have 6 of the recruits at the dinner tonight so we could meet them and interact. I can provide a run-down on each:

Allen Dawson appeared smaller than 6'0 192. Academics were his reason for choosing BC and he aspires to be a real estate developer just like his father. This was an impressive kid. He did a year at Cheshire Academy so he felt like he didn't have a big adjustment to make in coming to college.

Next up was Harold Landry. As we know, he was probably our biggest get and was targeted by big time schools after verballing to BC. His goal is to make the NFL and prove all the doubters wrong. His parents wanted him at BC due to the academics and his biggest adjustment has been the lack of time to sit around. I'll be honest, he makes me nervous. He came off as non-committed and lackadaisical. Almost very immature. I hope I'm wrong.

Tyler Murphy was next and although Adazzio said there is no clear QB to have the starting job I think it's Murph. Great kid and so personable. Any of you would like to talk to him. He wants to be a college coach when his playing days are over. He was funny when he seriously said Florida and BC had the same talent and both schools are similar. This folks is just the mouth moving before the brain when put in a speaking position in front of an audience. The cold is a little shocking to him but he's from CT.

Darius Wade was the friggen man. This kid could speak well, was intelligent and was very interested in his academic career. I really liked him and wish him well. His biggest adjustment has been the amount of work the coaches are putting on him. But he really wants to win and it's worth it.

Next was Jon Baker, a local OG from Millis. He made the mistake of saying he had a girlfriend back home and could see her when "he felt like it" rather than when he had time. Freudian slip and a good one. He didn't seem to say there was any adjustment coming here, just wanted to win.

Last was Isaac Yiadom who also appeared to be a great kid. Local and academically is busting his ass. Apparently the tutors are a big help. Isaac needs to eat some food.

Injuries- Tyler injured his throwing shoulder last year but he is feeling fine. Landry injured his knee but will be fine as well. It's just Baker that is coming back from a torn ACL and will miss the spring game. He had surgery done by the BC team physician and now they are rehabbing him. Other injuries Coach noted were Sylvia and Meddy. Meddy will miss spring ball.

Although technical difficulties prevented the volume from working on the highlight video, we did get to see some pretty exciting plays that each position coach introduced. Al Washington was psyched about Hilliman and his video just made me so excited about seeing him play. Outlow too. Adazzio admitted its all up in the air, we could see multiple back sets, shared carries, who knows. By the way Brian, when it was asked where Flutie would play it was a flat answer from Coach, no questions asked. QB

Coach acknowledged our depth issues at WR but thinks Bordner is a stud who has great hands and ran like a 4.6. He hopes Swigert is healthy but wants tall receivers like Nat Dixon. Speaking of WR, signee Gabe McClary's father is one of the Commodores? Coach had everyone and their parents over his house and Al Washington danced the boogie.

It was a great night and exciting to see this class. Due to the early enrollees only 25 count towards our scholarships. NCAA allows a max of 25 and early enrollees count towards the previous year. Coach expects 20-25 signees for 2015. Tons of young guys will play this year but that will help the future. There's a lot of talent here though.