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NFL Combine and NFL Draft: Boston College Eagles Results And Draft Projections

Where will the Eagles land in the draft?


The NFL Combine finished today with defensive backs completing their workouts. While no BC players participated today, the results from these previous few days were nothing short of astonishing. As you can see above, five players gave performances good enough to get high praises from Rich Eisen/Mike Mayock along with NFL Scouts. It seemed like everytime you went on Twitter or turned on your television you heard/read another analyst praising a BC player. Let's see their performances:

It's easy to get excited when you see BC players do so well, and the credit for this has to go Frank Piriano and the Strength and Conditioning staff who clearly had these dudes ready for the combine. Just think last year BC had ZERO players go in the NFL draft, this year we have these five guys, Nate Freese who could go in the later rounds, and even possibly Chase Rettig or Ian White.

I'm not much for projections, but let me take a crack at where I think these guys will end up being drafted (by round, not by team).

Andre Williams- RB- Late 3rd-Early 4th. Mayock has AW as his fourth best back in the draft, and given the pass happy tendencies, teams may wait on him. HOWEVER, the NFL is a copycat league, and there has been a resurgence of power backs such as Steven Ridley, Marshawn Lynch and Frank Gore. I could see a team like the Giants or Ravens who need a power back taking him.

Matt Patchan- OT- 4th Round. NFL teams are going to be skeptical about his health, but Patchan's track record at Boston College, and his outstanding performance at the NFL combine are going to shoot him up boards. If he has a good pro day you may see him sneak into the third round somewhere.

Kevin Pierre Louis- LB- 5th Round. Out of anyone on Boston College, KPL did the most to get himself on a draft board somewhere. He did amazingly well on all workouts, and he has the speed and quickness that NFL teams crave. However, he is a bit undersized, which may affect his value, and as Mayock said he is going to need a little work. That being said, he's a talented and bright kid and someone who could be a steal for an NFL team that wants to take a flyer on him.

Kasim Edebali- DE- 6th or 7th round. Again, had a great workout, and his quickness is something NFL scouts love. His workouts, and a standout senior year should put him as someone NFL teams will look at late in the draft.

Kaleb Ramsey- DT- Undrafted Free Agent. His health risks are going to outweigh anything he did in the NFL Combine. However, he'll get a phone call from some NFL team after the draft.

Nate Freese- K- Undrafted Free Agent. Unless you are the Jacksonville Jaguars, kickers aren't taken until very late in the draft, if at all. Very few actually go in the draft, and unfortunately I just don't see Freese's name being called during the draft. Again, he'll catch on with a team, just after the draft.

Ian White- OT- Undrafted Free Agent.

Chase Rettig & Al Louis Jean- Rettig may catch on as an UDFA, but I just don't see it. His troubles throwing the ball downfield will scare off scouts, and he's not quick enough to be a mobile QB and make things happen with his feet. ALJ is going to fade off into the distance.

Congrats to all the Eagles on their performances this weekend, and best of luck in the NFL Draft!