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ACC Football Championship In Charlotte Through 2019

Six-Year Pact Keeps the Dr Pepper ACC Football Championship Game at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium through the 2019 Season

Jared C. Tilton

On Monday, the ACC and the Charlotte Sports Foundation announced an agreement that will keep the ACC Football Championship Game in Charlotte through 2019. With the additional six years, Charlotte will be host to the game for 10 consecutive years.

"We are pleased to announce that Charlotte will continue to be the home of the Dr Pepper ACC Football Championship through the 2019 season," said Swofford. "The Charlotte Sports Foundation, Bank of America Stadium, the Carolina Panthers and entire City of Charlotte have been outstanding partners and continue to facilitate the growth and success of the game and our many ancillary events. This annual weekend is a true celebration of ACC Football."

It's this humble blogger's opinion that this is the best location for the conference championship game. Charlotte is at the center of the conference's geographic footprint, with only three of the 14 schools located more than 500 miles from the city. Plus, for those three geographic outliers, of which BC is one, CLT is a quick flight from Boston or Miami. One guess which airport I connected through on my trips to Jacksonville (2007) and Tampa (2008) ...

I'm not sure if there are many direct flights from Canada to Charlotte for Syracuse, but the Orange playing in the conference championship game, haha, be serious.

The problem with a rotating football championship is that the location is completely hit or miss from year to year. Hold the game in Jacksonville and you get Wake Forest-Georgia Tech or Boston College-Virginia Tech. Go back to Florida over the next cycle and you'll wind up with a very #goacc Wake Forest-Duke matchup. Avoiding the state of Florida for the ACCCG also helps avoid a situation where fans of a specific program are asked to travel to Florida twice in a month.

The actual dates of the six Championship Games in the agreement are:

December 6, 2014
December 5, 2015
December 3, 2016
December 2, 2017
December 1, 2018
December 7, 2019

Be sure to make your hotel reservations for, like, 2018. Book it.