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BC vs. NU in the Beanpot: Final Thoughts/Predictions

It's the Eagles and the Huskies in the battle for the Beanpot, tonight at 7:30 at TD Garden

Graham Beck, The Heights

Here we go. For the third time in four years, Boston College and Northeastern will meet in the Beanpot final. The Eagles will be hoping that this final - just like 2011's and 2013's - will end in their favor, giving BC their fifth consecutive Beanpot.

The two teams are coming off decidedly different performances over the weekend. While BC came out and thrashed Merrimack 6-1, Northeastern fell behind early and lost to UMass, 3-0 at Matthews Arena.

We already went into Northeastern in some detail this morning.

BC Roster Notes

Ian McCoshen will be out again for BC -certainly concerning, as he has been one of BC's most valuable players all year. This will be the third straight game he's missed. This means Danny Linell will remain on the blue line and Destry Straight will stay in the lineup.

Projected Lines




Game Time: 7:30 PM

Radio: WEEI 850 AM and

Record: BC: 21-4-3..... NU: 16-9-3
KRACH: BC: #1.... NU: #14

Goal Differentials:
BC:123 GF (1st in HEA), 60 GA (t-3rd in HEA), +53 (1st in HEA)
NU:91 GF (3rd in HEA), 70 GA (7th in HEA), +21 (6th in HEA)

Last Time Out: BC topped Merrimack 6-1; NU lost to UMass 3-0.

Storylines: We all know the storylines here. BC is looking for their first ever 5-year Beanpot championship streak. NU is looking for their first since 1988. And Johnny Gaudreau is looking to extend his 23-game winning streak.

Fun Fact: BU has been in the Beanpot consolation game in 4 of the past 7 years. You can catch that game at 4:30 PM on ESPN-8 the Ocho.

Players to watch: Clay Witt is the nation's leading goaltender. Up front, all eyes will be on Kevin Roy, who won Beanpot MVP last year. The Huskies also feature dynamic freshman Kevin Szmatula and senior forward Braden Pimm.

Lingering Questions

Will this be another wide-open affair like Beanpot final games of yore? Or will BC continue the lock-down defense? Can the Eagles contain Kevin Roy this year? Will NU try the "skate around with 7 players on the ice" play again? Will the BC and NU student sections actually end up ringing the entire balcony? Because based on last week, it's going to be packed up there.

Scoreboard Watching: Out-Of-Town Notes

No out of town games tonight. This is the only show in town.

The Pre-Game Watering Hole

As always, before and after TD Garden events, go to The Four's. Always!


See here. I stand by my prediction of a BC win in a high-scoring game.

BCI Prediction Standings

5 points for a correct prediction, minus one point for how far off you were from the victory margin. i.e., predicting a 4-goal win and it ends up being a 2-goal win = 3 points. Also, 1 bonus point for getting a team's score correct. Enter this week's contest by leaving your predictions in the comments.

Last week, when BC topped Merrimack 6-1, New Guy and myself shared the honors, both picking the 6-1 score right on the nose.


Grant - 3.5 wins (Week 5, Week 9, Week 11, Week 12 (tie))
Brian - 3 wins (Week 3 tie, Week 4, Week 6 1/2, Week 14 (tie))
Joe - 2.5 wins (Week 1, Week 7, Week 15 (tie))

ACal6888: 1 win (Week 10)
giantsfan428: 1 win (Week 8)
Conrad - 1 win (Week 2)
BCEagle74 - 1 win (Week 13)
BCJacket5 - 1 win (Week 6)
AJ - 1 win (Week 3 (tie), Week 14 (tie))
JCNG - 1 win (Week 12 (tie), Week 15 (tie))

Leave your thoughts on the game below and see if you can climb up the BCI leaderboard, to win all sorts of fabulous invisible prizes. Actually, you know what, I'm making up a prize, right now. The winner of the BCI prediction game for the season gets a 15 minute interview done by New Guy on BCInterruption Radio at the end of the season. Yes, New Guy, I'm committing your time and your studio technology without your permission. Go Eagles!