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Madison Square Garden To Host Big Ten Basketball Tournament In 2018

The great college athletics battle for the hearts and minds of indifferent New Yorkers continues ...

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report in Sports Illustrated, Madison Square Garden will host the Big Ten men's basketball tournament in 2018. An announcement is expected to be made on Tuesday.

In order to accommodate the Big Ten, the conference will move its tournament up a week so it doesn't conflict with the 2018 Big East Tournament. The Big East will continue to hold its conference tournament at MSG, with the tournament final played on the Saturday night prior to Selection Sunday.

As you'll recall, the ACC begins a two-year run at the Barclays Center across the river in Brooklyn for the 2017 and 2018 tournaments. So, in 2018, the Big Ten, Big East and ACC Tournaments will all take place in New York City.

The Big Ten is hosting its men's basketball conference tournament in Chicago (2015), Indianapolis (2016) and Washington D.C. (2017) over the next three seasons. The ACC will host its conference tournament in Greensboro (2015), Washington D.C. (2016) and Brooklyn (2017) in those years as the two conferences continue to vie for East Coast media market supremacy.