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New Era Pinstripe Bowl: How To Get There

A travel guide if you're heading to the Bronx this weekend.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

We missed our opportunity on Tuesday night's show to discuss how to get to Yankee Stadium if you're heading down this weekend, but here are some handy travel tips for those heading to the game.

Staying in New York

If you're staying in New York City, it's pretty easy to get to the Stadium without so much as needing a car. Yankee Stadium is located officially at One East 161st St. in the South Bronx. It's easily accessible via the subway; the 4 Train has a stop right at Yankee Stadium.

If you're staying in Manhattan, it's pretty easy to pick up the 4 Train; it stops right at Grand Central Terminal. The Grand Central - 42nd St. station isn't physically in Grand Central Terminal, but it can be accessed via the Main Concourse.

As a point of reference, the 4 Train goes through Manhattan and has a stop for the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Outside New York

There are obviously plenty of ways to get into the city, but two MTA trains do spit you out right at Yankee Stadium. The New Haven and Hudson lines both have game day service to the Yankees - East 153rd Metro station. The Hudson Line has regular service to Yankee Stadium even on non-game days, but the New Haven (and Harlem) train operates on Game Days.

Whether or not the New Haven train is providing service on Game Day is not specified, but the Hudson line provides regular service. At worst case, if you're heading down for the day, the New Haven line terminates at Grand Central, where you can pick up the 4 Train. You can also transfer to the Hudson Line at the Harlem - 125th St. station.

If you end up driving into the city, the easiest way to access Yankee Stadium is via I-87. Multiple exits serve Yankee Stadium from the highway.


Of course, take these instructions with a grain of salt. For all the times I've been to Yankee Stadium, I'm also not a native New Yorker. If you have a way that you get to the Stadium, please feel free to share it in our comment section as a way to help all of those traveling to the game!