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Eastern Bias Hockey Podcast, Episode 13: With Guest Ryan Lambert of Puck Daddy

Talking World Juniors and Hockey East at halfway

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

We're at the halfway point of the college hockey season, and hockey fans around the country are getting set to drop their differences for a few weeks to cheer on the United States team in the World Junior Hockey Championship. The only Hockey East game this week is Boston University taking on the US WJC team in an exhibition on Friday night at Walter Brown Arena. As such, much of the focus on this week's Eastern Bias hockey podcast is on preparing for World Juniors and discussing Hockey East's influence on the US roster.

Joining Joe and Shep to talk about Hockey East at halfway and preview World Juniors is Ryan Lambert of the Puck Daddy blog. The crew also talks about Boston College in the wake of their 5-1 victory over Michigan last week. With Steve Santini set to return, can BC go on a second half run?

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