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Happy Thanksgiving From BC Interruption!

Peace and joy to everyone from all of us

As many of us sit down with our loved ones today to give thanks, it is important to reflect on what we hold dear, what we are thankful for. For many it's our families both near and far, for others it's our health, and finally our friends. I'm sure you can also reflect on other people and values that you hold dear as well.

So being a Boston College blog, let's look at some of the things we are thankful for:

First and foremost, we are thankful for you the readers. Without you, this would be a site with seven guys and one lady writing about BC sports in a vortex. You give view points that we don't always necessarily believe in, joke with us, and have made BC more than a blog, it's a community. For all those who have been with us for years and those new to the site, thank you all.

We are thankful for our coaches. We thank head dude Steve Addazio, who has helped return BC football to its roots. Jim Christian that has brought back the defense that Steve Onahue failed to bring. Katie King Crowley who has brought BC Women's hockey to an elite level, and of course Jerry York, who has shown that legends still have a place at Boston College. To all the leaders in BC athletics, who help shape our athletics and bring intensity and success to our programs, thank you.

To the athletes donning the maroon and gold who battle on the fields, courts and in other arenas, thank you. Your hard work and dedication may not be be recognized like it should, but we appreciate you leaving it all on the line for Boston College.

Also let's give a special thanks to Tyler Murphy. After Andre Williams left to pursue a career in the NFL many of us were left wondering what would happen to BC football. Enter a Florida transfer, someone basically left on the scrap heap. What he has brought to the Heights this year has been extraordinary. I don't think any of us will forget his game against USC. Thank you #2.

As many of us watch the NFL, NBA and NHL let's be thankful for the Eagles that have gone on to become successful in the pros. Whether that is the surging Johnny Gaudreau, the defensive MVP Luke Kuechly, Alejandro Bedayo in the World Cup, or Reggie Jackson saving the Thunder. They are a shining example of what successful athletes can look like that graduate from Boston College.

Finally, let's give thanks to heroes like Pete Frates, Welles Crowther and their courageous families. Even through illness, death and unimaginable odds they have provided a voice and inspiration to millions. Their stories have helped bring funds and attention to those who truly need it. Truly the Frates and Crowthers are the pinnacle of men and women for others.

I'm sure you can think of many other Boston College related things to be thankful for this holiday season. Leave them in the comments. Hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and as always Go Eagles!