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Tears Of Unfathomable Sadness, Volume 14

Let's take it down a notch

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone.

Things got a little intense last week. Little too serious. So we're going to keep things light-hearted this week. You know, pick on schools who can take it.

We'll start off with hoops and the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, where along with BC, the UConn Huskies came to play. I was hoping BC would get a crack at the Huskies again after almost knocking them off last year at MSG, but with our loss to West Virginia, it was not to be.

Instead, the Mountaineers were matched up with UConn in the championship game.

UConn had a bad time. Four players were suspended for the game—bench players, but still—and lost 78-68. No idea what those players did but my completely unfounded guess is it has to do with Puerto Rico being awesome and the players accidentally on purpose missed curfew.

Anyway the fun thing here was following the former editor of The UConn Blog during the game.

Ah, now those are some sweet, salty tears.

Next up—let's check in on Terriers In The Pros.

Kevin Shattenkirk Blows A Pass, Knocks Over His Goalie, Gives Up Goal

Oh this is delicious. Whiffing on the pass is bad enough, but bowling over your goalie is the kind of ineptitude that gets you into the Tears.

That reminds me—I really wish this series existed back when UConn's Dan Orlovsky ran out the back of the end zone when he played for the lions.

Next...sound familiar, anybody?

According to CHN, "Excess water was coming up through the ice." Yikes. Is that good? I don't think that's good.

Sucks for you guys, Wildcats! Ha! We laugh at you! Something like this would nevereverever happen at BC! Go us!


Lastly, not really tears, but here's a pretty sweet post from The Mothership with all the great signs from Gameday at Harvard. Kids these days. Nothing like nerdy insults between Ivies.

Someday Yale is going to win The Game. Until then I will be sad.