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BC Interruption and SB Nation participate in the It's On Us campaign

Fact: One in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted in college in the United States.

As I'm sure you noticed, our BCI logo changed to this strange "It's On US" design. What gives?

BCI, SB Nation is partnering with Generation Progress (an arm of to support the "It's On Us" campaign. "It's On Us" is a movement aimed at fundamentally shifting the way we think about sexual assault. The campaign primarily targets young men (18-25), and more specifically young men in college, but is important for all men.

The SB Nation audience consists of a lot of the people "It's On Us" is trying to reach. We are pleased to join Generation progress on this important effort to make campus sexual assault, and sexual assault in general, unacceptable. From bystander intervention on college campuses to creating a cultural environment that makes sexual assault unacceptable, "It's On Us" invites everyone to stand up and become a part of the solution.

"It's On Us" is a year long + campaign that SB Nation is going to support in a number of ways. The temporary logo change is just to get your attention. It's On Us to take action.