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Muschamp Out at Florida - Is #DazWatch On?

Let's get this out of the way.

Michael Shroyer

In the midst of another disappointing season, it was announced on Sunday that Florida Gators' head coach Will Muschamp was let go effective the end of the 2014 season.

As Florida stumbled throughout the season, there was already a bit of speculation that Steve Addazio, Florida's former offensive coordinator, may be a candidate for the Gators' eventual vacancy. With the news yesterday of Muschamp's dismissal, his name began floating around Twitter and some of the news articles as an early one to keep an eye on:

For instance, here's a mention of Addazio on

Other former Florida assistants include Charlie Strong (Texas) and Steve Addazio (Boston College). Strong is probably off the table, but Addazio would be interesting. Addazio also left Florida on a bit of a sour note it seemed, at least in the eyes of some.

The article called Dan Mullen the top candidate, which seems right.

I'm not too worried about #DazWatch at this point. I'm not naive enough to think there won't come a day where a bigger program comes knocking if BC continues to exceed pundits' expectations and Addazio and co. continue to impress. However, I don't think this is the time, for two main reasons:

1) Seeing as Alabama, Auburn, Ohio State and Texas probably aren't hiring new coaches any time soon, Florida is probably going to be the best job open in the next couple of years. The Florida job is a Cadillac. I love Daz, but he's not a Cadillac coach right now—he's more like an F-150. You can't go wrong with the F-150, but it's not a Cadillac. Given all the resources Florida has at its disposal, a coach with potential is not going to satisfy UF demands—they are going to want someone with a track record of elite-level success.

2) As was hinted at in the NBC Sports article, things didn't end that well for Addazio last time at Florida. He was criticized by a vocal segment of the UF fan base and was obviously not handed the reins permanently after Urban Meyer left. It's worth noting that Florida's offensive fortunes haven't exactly improved since Addazio left in spite of the criticisms he faced there. But it would be pretty strange and unlike most Athletic Directors to go back and select someone they previously passed over. Things don't tend to work like that.

I would put the #DazWatch at maybe DEFCON 4. We will reassess if, say, Dan Mullen signs an extension with Mississippi State, and Rich Rodriguez says he's not interested. Or if some sort of credible source says Addazio is a candidate. Until then, why not baselessly speculate about something else highly unlikely—what about Muschamp to BC to be Addazio's defensive coordinator?