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Dave Brandon Resigns As Michigan AD. Could Brad Bates Replace Him?

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Could Bates be on his way out

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

After months of rumors and speculation, Michigan AD Dave Brandon is stepping down from his position, with Jim Hackett named the interim AD. Brandon last two months have been tumultuous due to:

In addition to the woeful performance of the football team under Brady Hoke, Brandon has come under fire for the handling of the Shane Morris head injury; the corporate nature of home football games to go along with the pricing; and an embarrassing string of emails from the AD to various fans.

Now the question is will Michigan stick with one of their own, because if they go down that road there are two big names they could be looking at. First would be Connecticut AD Warde Manuel,  Jeff Long from Arkansas both whom have experience with Michigan, and most importantly to us, Boston College AD Brad Bates. Bates has been on the job at BC for two years, and has hired two coaches (Steve Addazio and Jim Christian). But has he done enough to warrant a high profile job like Michigan?

If Bates leaves (and you can't blame him if he takes the job), BC is a nice job but Michigan is an elite program and rebuilding the football program would allow him to leave his mark on a program I am sure he treasures. The search will start soon, and it should be interesting.