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Boston College 23, Wake Forest 17: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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A tough win yesterday for the Eagles, what went right, what didn't?

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It certainly wasn't an easy win, but as they say a win is a win. Let's take a look at what the Eagles did right, and where it didn't go so well. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

The Good

Jon Hilliman: There have been games this year where the true freshman has looked like a world burner, and others where he has looked ordinary. This would be one of the games where he looked like a game changer. He had two touchdown runs, giving him nine on the season, and made a highlight reel scramble on the second rush. With a bit more strength he is going to be a force in the ACC, and a game changer. He finished the game with 101 yards, averaging 5 yards a carry.

The Passing Game: Earlier in the day the Herald ran a piece talking about how BC wanted to pass the ball more, and believe me I was concerned. But the plays they ran in terms of the pass were really good. Murphy still isn't completely accurate but defenses are selling out on the run leaving guys like Charlie Callinan, Dan Crimmins and Shakim Phillips wide open. Wake Forest has two of the best corner backs in the country, and still Murphy threw the ball 11/15 for 165 yards.

Justin Simmons: It just seemed like he was due for a big game didn't he? He dropped two interceptions in the past three weeks, but he has been around the ball an awful lot and a game changing play seemed inevitable. We got that in the 4th quarter. After BC couldn't move the ball, John Wolford again started moving the ball again. Simmons ended all of that with a game ending INT.

1st Half Defense: Dominance, how do I spell thy name? Wake Forest quarterback John Wolford looked completely lost the 1st half, getting eaten alive with big sacks from Connor Wujciak and Kevin Kavalec. The Deacons were held to 6 yards the entire first half. How things changed in the 2nd half....

David Dudeck: He never shows up on the depth chart, but Dudeck has begun to make big plays for the Eagles. He has shown good hands, finishing with three catches for 58 yards. When Tyler Murphy got pressured he found Dudeck on multiple occasions.

Kevin Kavalec: The announcers of the game where pouring praise on the sophomore, and boy did he deserve it. The entire first half he was all over Wolford, finishing with two sacks, and 4.5 tackles for loss. Kavalec has really established himself as a good defensive end.

The Bad

1st Down Play Calling: BC has a huge playbook, with all sorts of variations and sets, but it seems like every first down play was a draw to Jon Hilliman. Pre-game Steve Addazio commented that hates to pass on first down, and given the skill sets of this team I don't blame them (3rd and longs are a nightmare for the Eagles). Day and Co. need to figure out some variations on 1st down, whether its a sweep to Sherman Alston, or draws for Tyler Murphy, or hey, even an occasional pass.

Offensive Line: They weren't "bad' per say, but they certainly weren't good. They got man handled last week against Clemson, but I think most of us were expecting more out of them against a team like Wake Forest. They struggled, they couldn't open the holes that we have seen in past games. They kept Murphy clean, but the run game struggled and this had to do with the lack of holes.

Murphy's vision: This was the second game in a row that I saw at least two plays where Murphy completely missed a wide receiver with no defender within twenty yards of him. There was one play they showed on replay where I believe Charlie Callinan was all alone, but Murphy didn't see him and instead ran the ball for four yards. As he grows more confident as a passer, hopefully his eyes will start going down field more, because there will be options for him downfield.

The Ugly

Myles Willis Fumble: Can I first of all give props to Steve Addazio and his comments after the game? When asked why Willis took the ball out, Addazio took the blame. Now that is a real leader. That being said, Willis should have never taken the ball out of the end zone. The Wake defender absolutely blew him up, Willis had no chance to keep control of the ball, and gave Wake the short field

2nd Half Defensive Woes: Wake Forest made adjustments on offense at halftime, and Boston College clearly didn't react to them. Instead of running the ball, Wake just allowed Wolford to do what he does best, which clearly seemed like short underneath stuff, attacking the spots where the blitzers abandoned. Instead of adjusting to this, Don Brown did two things. First, he continued to blitz anyways and that was a gigantic clusterbleep. Then as the game started to tick away he went to a mind numbing prevent defense. People want to look at the offense and complain, but the Eagles only had four drives (five if you consider the final drive), and they scored on one of those. The defense on the other hand couldn't get off the field, allowing three drives of over five minutes. Can't complain about the offense if they can't get on the field.

Extra Points: Brian and Bill from Eagle in Atlanta mentioned going for two points more often, and at this point I am starting to agree. If BC's kicker can't kick an extra point, and our offensive line has been holding, why not go for two more often? I would rather see the Eagles put the pressure on opposing offense than have to deal with constant barrage of missed extra points. We almost lost that game yesterday, and if we had, it might have been partially due to the missed extra point.