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BCI 2013 End Of The Year Awards: Lowpoint Of The Year

What moment of the year was the worst?


In our second installment of the end of the year series, we look at some of the bad moments of the season. While there were plenty of positives to reflect on, there were certainly a lot of moments that left us retching. The editors were asked to come up with one moment that kicked them below the belt hardest. For some sports (BASKETBALL), it was hard to pick one more moment, but we came up with a list. Make sure to vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Basketball Loses To Harvard

First let's focus for a second on the high point which had to be the way this team finished play in the ACC Tournament last spring. It made a lot of people think this program was ahead of schedule which we all know now, they aren't. Not only aren't they NCAA tournament material, they aren't America East tournament material.

So how low can one go? There are so many choices here, but I think for me, the loss to Harvard in Cambridge probably tops the list. Not so much because it was a bad loss, Harvard is a very good basketball team, but for the way in which it happened and the attitude that surrounded the program at that point. The clip of Donahue falling on the ground arguing a call, the pictures showing the players on the bench, just beaten to a pulp, the fact that you've now lost to an Ivy League team 6 straight times, just shows you the state of disrepair this program is in.

You could pick pretty much any moment from any game, but the pall that is over the program could be no better summarized than that game. - CoachJF

Baseball Loses To Bryant

March 27, 2013 was the day the BC baseball season was officially declared DOA. The Birdballers committed five errors and left 10 guys on base, losing Bryant. Bryant might've been an over .500 team, but this pushed BC to the brink of 20 losses before their 25th game, and it took place well before the season ever got started. The worst part was that it was 10-1 in the bottom of the fourth inning. Have you ever watched five innings knowing you can't possibly come back from a deficit? It makes for a long day at the ballyard. - Dan Rubin

Football Loses To Syracuse

An epic gut punch for a program on the rebound, BC went into Syracuse on all sorts of highs. They had won four in a row, Andre Williams was all over the news, and eight wins seemed destined. But as the game started and went on everything went down the crapper. The defense couldn't stop anything, Andre Williams was stopped repeatedly and then left the game with an injured shoulder, and BC found itself trailing.

What made this game especially awful was that BC had the game in it's grasp. Even down, Chase Rettig went all Johnny Manziel and pulled off a 40 yard run, and a huge touchdown run on a naked bootleg. Everything seemed in order when Steele Divitto intercepted Terrel Hunt late in the fourth quarter, but the offense went lame, and settled for a field goal and gave Syracuse too much time. On the pursuing drive BC got hosed on a bulls*** pass interference call, they failed to cover up a fumble, and Syracuse punched it in with seconds remaining. This game was awful in every sense of the word. - AJ Black

Hockey Nightmare

March 22 - On this day was a pair of awful moments, one of which was as big a heartbreak as any Eagle team has had in years.

The BC Women's Hockey team advanced to the Frozen Four for the privilege to play the Minnesota Golden Gophers -- the 39-0-0 Golden Gophers -- in their own barn in Minneapolis.

The game was scoreless until well into the second period when the Eagles finally broke through with less than two minutes to go in the period. The excitement was short lived, as the Gophers tied the score early in the third period and took their first lead of the game 10 minutes later.

BC battled back and scored a euphoric equalizer with just a few minutes left in regulation force overtime... But it was all for naught. The dream of knocking off the best women's hockey team in history to advance to the national championship game came to an abrupt end. Minnesota scored at the very beginning of overtime to give BC the last kick in the gut, ending the best season in program history in heartbreaking fashion.

That very night, the men's team was hoping to make up for the brutal finish to the women's hockey season by taking on the Terriers in the semifinals of the Hockey East tournament.

BC took an early 2-0 lead into the second period... and that was as good as it would get. The Eagles suffered a monumental collapse, giving up 5 consecutive goals, including the first three in under 6 minutes to lose the lead.

Despite outshooting the Terriers 47-27, BC went on to lose 6-3 to get bounced from the Hockey East tournament. One week later was the beatdown courtesy of Union to put an official end to the 2013 hockey season. - Grant Salzano