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The BC Interruption 2013 End Of The Year Awards: Introduction

We look to close out the 2013 year with a look back at what was good and what wasn't.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 year flew by, one that was action-packed both on the field and off. Here on the site we wanted to review the season and provide accolades for the highlights and lowlights of the 2013 season. To break this down we have come up with the following categories:

-- Coach of the Year
-- Low Point of the Year
-- Play of the Year
-- Do-Over Moment of the Year
-- Freshman of the Year
-- Player of the Year
-- Team of the Year

Ground rules: For each category a member of the BC Interruption Front Page staff will pick a moment / player / coach and provide their rationale for why they deserve to win that award. These awards won't just go to revenue sports either. You may see some sailing/fencing or other not talked about as frequently sports nominated. After reading the post there will be a poll, and you the readers can vote for who you think should win. You can battle it out in the comment section as well. The following week we will have the winners named and we can all celebrate the 2013 season.

Right now we are looking for suggestions and want to know what/whom you would like to see nominated so get cracking. Do the heavy lifting and let us know in the comment section!