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Your 2013 BC Interruption User Awards And Statistics

Thanks for a great 2013! Onward to 2014!


2013 was not a banner year for Boston College athletics, but our little corner of the internet continues to grow. For that, we have you all to thank. Last year BC Interruption drew 1.75 million visits, over a million unique visitors and a shade under 4 million page views.

Let's take a look at the most active commenters and users of BC Interruption in 2013.

Most FanPosts

CoachJF 15
BCEagle74 12
TheRealEagle21 11
MattBC03 11
Enzo the Baker 10
2hrsFrmHartford 7
bc1863 6
EagleAboveTheRim 5
Fukowi 5
Dan Rubin 4

Most FanShots

Brian Favat 111
DCash 17
tommykay 11
eswards 7
Jerry Steinberg 4
bc2208 4
BCEagle74 3
formereagledad 3
bc1863 3
robert.rossi 3

And the most coveted BCI award of all ...

Most Comments

Brian Favat 10,817
BCEagle74 6,658
hoyaeagle 2,555
A.J Black 1,545
Enzo the Baker 1,368
claver2010 1,356
polarbearbrother 1,069
bc1863 935
Dan Rubin 834
Seagulls 823

Congratulations to 74 for finishing the year as the top non-Front Page writer commenter in 2013. Does he have to do all the heavy lifting around here? The top four commenters were the same year over year. Congrats to Enzo the Baker, bc1863, Dan Rubin and Seagulls who all cracked the top 10 for the first time this past year.

If BC Interruption's continued growth is any indication -- check out the 2010 stats for reference -- the 2014 competition will be the closest one yet.

Don't see your name on here? Get a'commenting / FanShotting / FanPosting. Go Eagles!