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Thatcher Demko To Start Against Penn State

Demko will get his third straight start between the pipes tonight in Happy Valley

Graham Beck, The Heights

Release the phenom.

After we hemmed and hawed about it at considerable length yesterday, it looks like Jerry York is ready to stop hemming, hawing, and thinking of Thatcher Demko as the goalie of the future, and instead think of him as the goalie of right now.

Following solid performances in a 7-2 win against Maine a week ago today and a 4-1 win at Merrimack on Tuesday night, York is going with the freshman again tonight at Penn State. It's Demko's third consecutive start and is yet another sign that the race for the #1 goalie spot seems to have turned in his favor.

It's possibly a bit harsh on Billett, given that he hasn't lost a game for BC since November 23. But we all kind of anticipated that the day would come soon enough that Demko was given the opportunity to be #1 after coming in as the nation's top ranked goaltending recruit.

Given that BC won't face back-to-back games until February 14 and 15 at Vermont, Demko might really be running with the ball here for a while unless he fumbles it.

Let's hope for continued success for both goalies, starting tonight with the game against Penn State (7:05 PM). If you don't feel like paying the Big Ten money to watch the game online, follow us here or on the twitter machine (The MothershipmeGrant) for updates.