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Boston College Football: How Important Was Andre Williams in 2013?

More stats that prove just how valuable AW was to this team

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the season is finished and the BC rushing record book has been  mostly rewritten by the A-Train, I thought it would be interesting to go take a look at his stats, but go a step deeper and figure out the impact Andre Williams had on this team's success in 2013.

You would think it goes without saying that if Andre didn't perform well, BC didn't win, but that really was the case.

Take a look at what AW did when you break it down in other ways:

Games Carries Yards Yards / Carry Yards / Game
in wins 7 225 1644 7.31 234.86
in losses 6 130 533 4.10 88.83
vs top 25 3 85 385 4.53 128.33
vs unranked 10 270 1792 6.64 179.20
vs top 50 rush 7 178 919 5.16 131.29
vs below 50 rush 6 177 1258 7.11 209.67
home 6 191 1235 6.47 205.83
away/neutral 7 164 942 5.74 134.57
30 or fewer carries (record 1-6) 7 153 647 4.23 92.43
above 30 carries (record 6-0) 6 202 1530 7.57 255.00

This is nothing short of insane when you tie it back to how this team performed on the field in terms of wins and losses.  Now this is to take nothing away from the offensive line, who I think we can all say under performed in the bowl game and in several of the losses but was also vital to AW's successes, but whether BC won or lost a game hinged almost solely (on the offensive side at least) to what #44 produced and the workload he carried.

234.86 yards per game in 7 wins and 88.83 yards per game in 6 losses.  Nearly 3 times the production.

30 or fewer carries in a game, BC went 1-6 and AW averaged 92.43 yards, above that number, BC goes 6-0 and AW averages 255.0 yards per game.  Once again nearly 3 times the output.

We've been fortunate to see some great backs through the years at BC, but no back, and maybe no single player, has ever been more instrumental to a team's fortunes as Andre Williams.