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BCI Radio Is Live at 8 PM - Football and Basketball Tonight! Call In at 646-200-0446

Need to kill some time in between stores for shopping? Call us to talk some pigskin and hoops!

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We're under two weeks away from Boston College vs. Penn State in the 2014 New Era Pinstripe Bowl. We're also in the middle of a basketball season that's been pleasantly surprising after four consecutive wins. With a week chock full of great storylines, we had to ask ourselves: which team would we cover in this week's BCI Radio show?

Easy answer: Both.

Even with the shadow of the excitement of the bowl game hanging over BC, we couldn't turn away a chance to talk about the encouraging start by the hoopsters. So that means both will be covered on another edition of the BC Interruption podcast—Pardon the BC Interruption!

Be sure to tune in to talk football marketing with Dan and AJ. We'll talk attendance and excitement surrounding the bowl game. We'll analyze how this bowl game feels different from the rest, from last year, how the efforts of the administration are totally different from past exploits, and what we can expect from both Penn State and Boston College in terms of fan bases as we ready for the bowl game.

We'll then transition to the hardwoods and bring in a man who needs no introduction to the BCI community: CoachJF. With BC-USC on the horizon for this weekend, we'll talk some basketball, discuss the start from a pure x's and o's standpoint, and talk about some of the things going on with the Eagles this season. Anyone remember the last time BC and USC played against each other in something? That was fun.

Be sure to call in and voice your opinion about both teams as we gear up the bowl season: 646-200-0446!

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