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BC Interruption's ACC Power Rankings: Week 2

What teams fell and what teams rose after the first week of play?

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Our second week of voting are in and the results are pretty similar to last week. There were a few teams that fell after their results last week (Boston College being one of them), while there was very little change near the top.  There are some solid matchups this week that should help differentiate some of these teams (Wake/BC), show if a team should be near the top (Miami/UF), and a whole slew of bad games (VT/Western Carolina, Clemson/South Carolina State). If you disagree with us, leave your power rankings in the comments!

1. Clemson
Last Week: 1
Highest Selection: 1
Lowest Selection:1

Opponent: South Carolina State
Prediction: Clemson 56 SCST 0

Clemson's win over Georgia last weekend could have been a season defining victory for the Tigers. Tajh Boyd looked like a Heisman candidate, and Sammy Watkins could be one of the best wide receiver in the country. Sets up the possibility of an undefeated FSU & Clemson facing off in Death Valley on October 13th. The Tigers will walk all over SCST

2. Florida State
Last Week: 2

Highest Selection: 2

Lowest Selection: 2

Opponent: Bye

Jameis Winston's first start was simply awesome to watch. He dominated against Pittsburgh, only missing four passes the entire game, while moving well and reading the defense perfectly.

3. Miami
Last Week
Highest Selection: 3
Lowest Selection:2

Opponent: Florida
Prediction: Florida 24 Miami 21

This is a tough one, because the ACC needs this win badly, but I am not completely sold on Miami yet. I think it's going to be a good game, but in the end Florida's defense will be the key to victory.

4. Georgia Tech
Last Week: 6
Highest: 4

Opponent: Bye

According to our poll Georgia Tech's 70-0 beatdown of Elon was good enough for Georgia Tech to leap two spots in the poll this week.

5. North Carolina
Last Week: 4
Highest Selection: 5
Lowest Selection:8

Opponent: Middle Tennessee
Prediction UNC 35 Middle Tennessee 10

Clowney was a virtual no show last weekend against Sakerlina, but it didn't make much of a difference as UNC was dead in the water by halftime. A matchup against MT should fix all of that.

6. Virginia Tech
Last Week: 6
Highest Selection: 4
Lowest Selection: 8

Opponent: Western Carolina
Prediction: Virginia Tech 45 Western Carolina 7

What a difference a week's opponent. Last week Virginia Tech played the best team in the country, this week they get Western Carolina. Logan Thomas was awful last week, which may just be because he was facing Alabama's defense, this week should get him back on track.

7. N.C. State
Last Week: 7
Highest: 7
Lowest: 10

Opponent: Richmond
Prediction: N.C. State 40 Richmond 10

Last week the Wolfpack got Louisiana Tech, this week they get Richmond. Do they ever play a legitimate team?

8.  Virginia
Last Week: 9 (t)
Highest: 6
Lowest: 11

Opponent: Oregon
Prediction: Oregon 35 UVA 13

Pray for the Hoos.

9. Boston College
Last Week: 8
Highest: 8
Lowest: 11

Opponent: Wake Forest
Prediction: Boston College 17 Wake Forest 13

Boston College came out slow against Villanova, but then wore out the Wildcats in the second half. Wake Forest is going to be a whole different animal, and BC is going to need to be stout on defense, which they will be.

10. Duke
Last Week: 9 (t)
Highest: 6
Lowest: 12

Opponent: Memphis
Prediction: Duke 30 Memphis 10

Duke takes advantage of another easy opponent and starts the season off 2-0

11. Wake Forest

Last Week: 11
Highest: 9
Lowest: 13

Opponent: Boston College
Prediction: Boston College 17 Wake Forest 13

Michael Campanaro destroyed Boston College last year, but Don Brown and his defense will be much better prepared and this will be a defensive battle.

12. Maryland
Last Week: 14
Highest: 9
Lowest: 14

Opponent: Old Dominion
Prediction: Maryland 35 Old Dominion 10

Maryland took the biggest jump in our rankings after one week. That's what happens when you beat down a team that you were supposed to beat.

13. Pittsburgh
Last Week: 12
Highest: 8
Lowest: 13

Opponent: Bye

Jameis Winston put on a clinic against the Pittsburgh defense, but they have the week off to lick their wounds.

14. Syracuse
Last Week: 13
Highest: 12
Lowest: 14

Opponent: Northwestern
Prediction: Northwestern 30 Syracuse 17

Man Syracuse looked bad last week, especially on offense. They finished the game with 260 yards of offense, and the passing game especially struggled. Northwestern is very good, and if Syracuse starts off slow against the Cats are going to score early and often.