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BC Interruption News: Catch A.J. Black On CBS Radio 102.1 In Savannah At 4:20

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AJ Black will be a guest on the Seth Harp show this afternoon to talk Boston College football.

If you are looking for something to do this afternoon, may we make a suggestion? This afternoon, BC Interruption's very own A.J Black will be appearing on CBS Sports 102.1 in Savannah Georgia.  Host Seth Harp is running down ACC football and I will be on the show to talk about Boston College football.

This will be my first radio show that a) will be overwhelmingly positive and b) not dedicated to talking about the inadequacies of Frank from Hingham. I will be disappointed in myself if the word "dude" is not mentioned at least five times during the interview. The show runs in the afternoon, and the portion that will include me will be running at 4:20, and should run for about ten minutes.

Luckily, in this wonderful age of the internet, you can listen to the show online.  Seth's show is part of the IHeartRadio network, which means you can listen online (click here), and if you have an Android or Iphone you can download the app and listen to it on the go.

Make sure to check it out the show today!