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Boston College Football Media Day: Player and Coach Interviews

Got the opportunity to talk with Chase Rettig, Ryan Day, Kasim Edebali, Andre Williams and Matt Patchan

Andre Williams

On the new staff

You know I think the new staff is doing a great job making sure everyone is staying fresh and healthy

On being a leader

"I'm going to try to lead by example, and after four years I think I'm ready to do that".

On expectations:

"This isn't the same BC team as in years past. We are tough, teams are not going to know what to expect from us and we are going to catch them off guard".

On the term "Be A Dude"

It's all about what you do on the field. We got guys here and they are just dudes. David Dudeck is a dude. He is tough and he gets it done.

On the difference between Spaz and Addazio:

I think the biggest changes is the attitude and attention to detail. The minute Coach Addazio got here he kind of made us look introspectively and made us realize that to get us where we wanted to go, we had to be a more disciplined team.

Chase Rettig

College football is a great thing to be part of. You can't take it for granted. You have to just slow down and enjoy it

On being a leader:

I have been starting for almost four years. You have to be ready to step up. That has to do with off the field demeanor and being prepared mentally.

On how he is feeling:

"I feel good, and the big thing we are stressing is work ethic. The team is working together very well, we are just trying to put it together on the field.

On his feeling comfortable with the new staff:

"I am used to playing with new staff in the spring. Coach Addazio is very knowledgeable in coaching, he gets involved in practice, and has been a great addition. Everyone on the team loves him and we are just trying to have a good time with it.

Kasim Edebali

On the aggressiveness of the defense:

"It's definitely different, we are going to be aggressive and get after the quarterback. Coach Brown wants us getting after the quarterback.

On the difference in culture between Spaz and Addazio:

"There is a difference. Addazio man, he's intense. He came right in and you could just feel it"

On "being a dude":

(laughing). When Coach Brown came in, he watched us make plays, and was like that's a dude! And we thought it was funny. Now we get it, and it's cool.

On the cohesion of the defense:

"Before practice we come together as a defense and we just get hype!"

Offensive Coordinator Ryan Day:

How has his familiarity with Chase Rettig helped with transition

With Chase as in any other quarterback, trust is very important. The good news is we had a prior relationship, so the trust was already there, so we can move past that faster. The first thing we talked about when I got here was learning how to lead. The first two weeks after we got here that's the first thing he wanted to talk about, what kind of offensive we were going to put in, what routes we would run, but we wanted to talk about how to lead.

When asked about the cohesion of the team:

These guys are starting to feel a bond together. You can feel that

On Chase Rettig's growing leadership

I told him, when a receiver misses a route I want you over there to tell them. He says, well you are always over there, so I told him beat us to them. And literally the next play, a receiver ran the wrong route, he went over there, beat us, and told him what he did wrong.

Matt Patchan

On why he chose Boston College

Coach Addazio originally got me to come to Florida. He's everything I want in a coach. His knowledge of football is vast, you can go up and down the position and he can tell you something on it.