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Boston College Media Day: Morning Practice Recap

Media Day began with practice on Shea.

Before the interviews occurred, the staff invited the media members to watch the team practice on the practice fields on Shea Field. There were probably 20 or so media members at the event, including yours truly and the voice of BC Jon Meterparel.

Because it is so early in the summer, the groups were spread all over the place, and it was a little tricky figuring out who was who. The first thing I noticed was how animated the assistant coaches were. In years past the assistants were lively, but this group was on a whole other planet. I believe it was tight end coach Frank Leonard, who was all over the place on one field screaming at his players when they missed an assignment or fixing a technique issue. On the other field you couldn't help but hear defensive coordinator Don Brown talking to his players. The assistants were running the show with Coach Addazio overseeing the entire operation.

In terms of offense, Chase Rettig was out there running plays with the first team offense. In the first few plays I saw, he was using a three wide receiver set with Alex Amidon, Spiffy Evans and Dan Crimmins set as wide receivers. New offensive lineman Matt Patchan appeared to be out there as well. When the backups came in it was a mix between Josh Bordner and Mike Marscovetra, both getting reps, but with it being so early in the practice it was tough to say who looked more impressive.

After watching some plays, the offense and defense do position specific drills. The defensive line did a drill practicing hand work. Defensive lineman Mehdi Abdesmad was on the receiving end of some gentle ribbing by line coach Ben Albert. The wide receivers worked on a drill where they stood behind the goal post and had to catch passes while reaching around the post. Quarterbacks and running backs went off to another field to practice so I didn't get a chance to see their drills.

After that Addazio talked to the team, away from the media. Interesting practice, no contact or pads but great to see the Eagles back on the field.