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Boston College Daily Links: The Limits of Being a Dude

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Nick Saban has $51 million reasons to play for Alabama... plus a smorgasbord of other BC and college sports topics.

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Happy Monday... or whatever. Here are some links to start your week.

Nick Saban and Alabama’s $51 million recruiting pitch (Saturday Down South)
We all love Being a Dude and all, but that only goes so far, I guess, when this is your competition: a graphic trumpeting the $51+ million dollars in signing bonuses and initial contracts signed by rookies out of Alabama this year. This article reminds me of my prediction that Alabama will never lose a championship ever again.

Via the Twitter Machine, Sylvester Mayers' visit to BC yields us a preview of the team's jerseys for this season, which look largely unchanged.

Visit to Boston College was great!

Notre Dame is set to potentially move some of their games against ACC opponents to neutral sites, because of course they are.

Boston College (4-8) (2-6)

New head coach Steve Addiazo has revitalized Boston College on the recruiting trail and that’s where it begins. The results of those recruiting efforts won’t be seen for a couple of years, but for the first time in years, there is something that hasn’t been at Boston College for awhile… hope

.Couldn't have said it better myself, but I'm going with 5 or 6 wins for BC this year.

Soccer and Revenue Growth: Alive and Kicking (Winthrop Intelligence)
This is a bit of an old article discovered by the vacationing Mr. Favat, but an interesting look at the growth of college soccer, which has taken some knocks in the soccer community in recent years as a potential hindrance to the development of the American game. But while college soccer may be being deemphasized somewhat as a path to the pros in the US, it's continuing to grow as both a participant and spectator sport in the NCAA.