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Boston College Football: A Season Preview In GIFS

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An off handed look at how BC's opponents should shape up in 2013


GIFS are all the rage on the interwebs right now. It's hip with the kids, and us old folks may not understand it, but they are pretty cool. So to kick off BC's busy week, and start of practice, I thought I would breakdown some of BC's opponents and apply a comical/poignant GIF along with it. ENJOY!

Villanova Wildcats

Three years of Spaz is finished and there is a whole crew of seniors that have had to sit through some pretty awful games and unexplainable losses. I will call this the "Why they say there is a paper jam when there is no paper jam" game, and BC is going to take Villanova to the woodshed.


Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Oh #therivalry. A neat little contrived tradition between BC Interruption and Blogger So Dear, with a dash of humanitarian work thrown in. But let's call it for what it is, a match up between two of the ACC's lightweight division, a virtual sissy fight if you will. Slaps will be thrown, a royal pillow fight will be had.


USC Trojans

Who are the Eagles going to get in Week 3? Is this going to be the same USC that was ranked #1 last year and started this season as a Top 25 team? Or are the Eagles going to face a team that lost five of their last six to end the 2012 season. Are they good, bad, somewhere in between? I iz confused.


Florida St. Seminoles

ZOMG the Eagles are playing the Florida State Seminoles. No, THE Florida State Seminoles, is that right my FSU overlords? Honestly, if there is something that I have learned in my 2+ years writing on BC football, is that if I don't blow enough smoke up the behinds of the Seminoles, I can expect a comment section filled with "AJ you don't know what you are talking about". So here it is, FSU is better than BC in every aspect of their game, as evidenced by the epic butt whooping we took last year in Tallahassee. BC doesn't stand a chance, why even play the game? Is that ok FSU fans? WE ARE NOT WORTHY.


Army Black Knights

Pick up a college football preview magazine, or any college football site that breaks down the BC football schedule. If you did, you probably have a 50% chance that whoever wrote that piece picked Army to beat BC again. LOLOL. It isn't happening again okay? So when someone tells you Army isn't a lock for the Eagles this year, I want you to make the most psychotic smile you can, and laugh in their stupid face.


Clemson Tigers

Look I may a little on the optimistic side, but I am certainly not delusional, well I may be delusional, but at least I am not psychotically delusional. Clemson is nightmare fuel embodied in a football team this year for BC. I literally have no idea how BC is going to win this game against a team that has a Heisman caliber QB, and a Top 10 wide receiver. Oh and the game will be played at Death Valley as well, neat. So if you have a particularly obtuse BC friend who says to you that the Eagles can take the Tigers, please respond as such...


North Carolina Tar Heels

Earlier in the winter when the ACC announced the inter-division games, I had my fingers crossed. Could we get another matchup with Duke and erase the "middle schmiddle" legacy? Nope, they get the Wolfpack, okay then how about UVA they are a pretty weak team? WRONG THANKS FOR PLAYING. So let's see who did we get? UNC...ON THE ROAD? Scheduling gods why are you so cruel!!!


Virginia Tech Hokies

Oh look at the Hokies, they are a borderline Top 25 team, Phil Steele is so sold on them that he has them in his Top 10. Wait, seriously? This is the same team that would have lost to Frank Spaziani last season if he hadn't been for his epically conservative play calling. And Logan Thomas is being mentioned in the Heisman talk? O okay.

Keep thumping away Tech.


New Mexico St. Aggies

Honestly should we have anything against former BC OC and now New Mexico State Head Coach Doug Martin? Nah probably, I have fused all of my blame, anger and remorse from last year and aimed it squarely at the guy with the mustache and towel who is watching baseball in Hingham right now. What's his name again Hank something?

Basically BC just needs to go into whatever part of the dessert the Aggies play in, and just thump them hard and quick.


N.C. State Wolfpack

Last time I checked N.C. State had a new head coach and a new QB. So everyone must have them near the bottom of the ACC too right? No, wait, they are projected in third? Oh come on man, you've got to be kidding me. Whatever, the game is at BC, the Pack seemingly always plays like turds up north, the Eagles should show them what's what.


Maryland Terrapins

I would prefer to just ignore the turtles for the remainder of this year, let them go start their fairy tale dream of playing and finishing in the bottom of the B1G. Honestly can we just talk about Louisville instead? Maryland actually is fielding a quarterback this season, which is novel, and they have Stefon Diggs which is neat, but their starting running back just got thrown off the team for the year.

BC will win this game. If that other coach can beat them, Addazio will. Now here is a video of Homer kicking a turtle on repeat.

Syracuse Orange

Hey welcome to the ACC Orangemen! I'm guessing this game could decide who will advance to a bowl game in December. Doug Marrone gone. Ryan Nassib gone. Fluff cake Big East schedule, gone. The Eagles will come to the Carrier Dome, Exhibit A why football should never be played in a dome. But let's go ahead and just ruin their new couch. Bowl time baby here it comes .


How did I do, is there a GIF you would rather see, make sure to put the team in the title and throw it up in the comments! YOLO GANGAM STYLE!!