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Baldwin Selected for Capital One Mascot Challenge

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Take THAT, live eagle mascot! #CapitalOneBaldwin

In a week where Boston College announced it would bring back a live eagle mascot, it's easy to assume that Baldwin would fade to the background. It's easy to assume that Baldwin and Baldwin Jr., for years the lovable duo entertaining the masses inside Alumni Stadium, would venture close to oblivion as they became old news in Boston College lore.

Well guess what? Baldwin just struck back. Total Dude move.

Baldwin was announced as one of the 16 competitors in the Capital One Mascot Challenge, an annual competition of head-to-head battles decided by fan votes to determine the best mascot in the NCAA. The winning school receives a $20,000 scholarship, while each participating school receives $5,000 for its mascot program. The winner is crowned at the Capital One Bowl on January 1st.

It's obvious that Baldwin's work is truly yeoman's. From start to finish of a game, even during the Frank Spaziani era, Baldwin would interact with the fans, climb the railings, do pushups and get tossed in the air by the Superfans. He's always there for the kids, always there with a delivery of pizza for winners of in-game contests, and still gets to the field to top the pyramid for the cheerleaders. There was once a time when Baldwin would do pushups and be the beefcakiest mascot in the land, but the amount of pizza deliveries and lack of scores during the Spaz era nearly made him as big as Baldwin Jr's head.

From the Eagle Walk to the end of the game, Baldwin is there. He's battled the Demon Deacon, the Pittsburgh Panther, the Leprechaun, and Sebastian the Ibis (who may or may not have a) been packing or b) been receiving benefits from Nevin Shapiro for the past 10 years). He's flattened the tires of the Ramblin' Wreck. He's gone head-to-head with that Mr. Kool Aid wannabe, Otto. He's taken hits and battled back. And the Duke Blue Devil knows never to ever mess with the mascot representing the Holy School itself in Chestnut Hill. Owing to his nomination, we can also now safely assume that Baldwin has recovered fully after that unfortunate incident at ESPN.

Social media and challenges will be added every week, announced on Mondays. To earn 25 points this week, fans must post a cheerleader-style cheer to Twitter or Facebook supporting Baldwin, using his specific hashtag. Fans can then take it one step further by uploading a picture of themselves doing the cheer to earn Baldwin 100 points. Bucky will have himself a lethargic week anyways, since Wisconsin is a 44.5 favorite over UMass, who saw Sam the Minuteman lose to Herbie Husker for the 2006 championship. The hashtag is #CapitalOneBaldwin

There was once a time when BC football treated bowl games and bowl game wins like a rite of passage. We have to get back to that attitude again, and let's have our main Dude, Baldwin, help lead the way. Eagle fans, LET'S BE A DUDE and help out for #CapitalOneBaldwin!!!