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Boston College Daily Links: Women's Soccer Falls to UConn, 1-0

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Plus, more news about the fast-approaching football season

Good morning BC fans! No, seriously, it's a great morning. It's Thursday. There's some mediocre college football on TV tonight. Once you're awake and reading this, there will be two sleeps until BC-'Nova. Life is good. On to the news...


BC women's soccer's grueling, three-game gauntlet to start the season - Stanford, BU, UConn - did not treat them well, as the Eagles fell 1-0 to the Huskies last night in Newton. BC looks to bounce back on Sunday afternoon when they travel to Hofstra.

In semi-related news, the BC men's soccer team starts its season tomorrow night at BU (5 PM).


While I tend to not trust weather forecasts until they're less than 48 hours away, it looks like we might have a decent day on Saturday. The current forecast calls for it to be around 81 and sunny most of the day, but there is the risk of scattered thunderstorms.


2013 ACC football megapreview: Stability, crapshoots, and everything in between -

Steve Addazio has been seen as a coach with loads of potential for quite a while. His "hybrids on hybrids" description of his ideal offense is tantalizing. He's ridiculously charismatic. And for all we know, he has just the CEO skills needed to be a successful head coach over the long haul. But the actual results and stats on his résumé are not very impressive. As with recruiting, upside and production are two different things; BC is betting on upside. We'll see if it pays off.


As you may have seen, Notre Dame made a video featuring the song "Get Lucky." Which, as Mr. Salzano pointed out yesterday, is appropriate, since it doesn't say anything about "Get talented."


Clean it up, BC | Boston Herald

Boston College coach Steve Addazio expected a higher level of cleanliness from his football team during yesterday's practice on muddy Shea Field.

Addazio has three more practice sessions to improve the Eagles' focus and intensity while eliminating the mental mistakes that caused breakdowns on both sides of the ball.