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BC Athletics 2013-2014 Predictions: Part II

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The BCI staff continues its look ahead to the upcoming year.

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First, five predictions from BCI Founding Father Jeff Martyn:

One overtime Win

The excitement that Spaz sucked out of BC football will partially return because of an overtime win. We will have to earn every win outside of Villanova and NMSU but thanks to decisions from the HC and proper playcalling, BC will earn one win in extra time.

BC will go bowling again

After a 2-10 season, a 6 win season and a bowl game is a big step. But now that we do not have to travel to West Point, we a least get one more win right there and then 3 ACC wins is very possible now that Syracuse has joined the conference.

Olivier Hanlan will make 1st team All-ACC

Olivier Hanlan did not come on strong until halfway through the ACC season and now holds the record for most points by a freshman in the ACC tournament. This year he will get media attention from the start of the season and will live up to all the hype and then some, earning the all-ACC honors.

Men's basketball will go to the NCAA tournament

BC showed toward the end of last season that they could compete with anyone in the ACC. This season Alex Dragicevich joins the squad and BC is redesigning student seating at Conte to give the team a home court advantage. The team will get over the hump and back into the NCAA tournament.

It will be another Disappointing Year for BC Athletics

Despite a return to postseason in basketball and football, losses will leave us wanting more out of our teams. Meanwhile, the hockey team will not win a national championship which is unfortunately what a Jerry York team is now measured by. The women's hockey team also will not improve over last year's finish and the baseball, softball, soccer and other third tier sports at BC will not be successful enough to grab anyone's attention.


Mr. A.J. "BC Hysteria" Black

1. Boston College football will beat a team they have no business beating.

Whether that is USC, Clemson, UNC or Florida State I just have this gut feeling they will win a shocker. Addazio has changed the locker room culture, and I think that good feeling will continue into the season.

2. BC Basketball will be ranked at some point this season.

Some people have tempered their expectations for this year, but I think Olivier Hanlan is a Top 20 player in the country, and he has a great supporting cast. This will be the first time we really get to see the Don coach with a mature group of his guys.

3. BC Hockey will dominate.

Look I love Parker Milner, but he had some stretches last year that were completely frustrating. With freshman goalie Dempko, BC will shine. Johnny Gaudreau will not put up huge numbers as teams copy out the game plan most teams had in 2013, but other players, i.e. Kevin Hayes will step up.

4. BC football will suffer an injury to a major contributor but a freshman or unknown will step up.

Chase Rettig, Alex Amidon, Kevin Pierre Louis, Matt Patchan or Andre Williams. All need to be huge in order for BC to competitive, but I predict one of them to go down. But if that happens, I predict a James Walsh/Mack Lowrie, Myles Willis, Harrison Jackson, Win Homer/Frank Taylor, or Steven Daniels will step up and make the big plays.

5. Baseball will finish in the basement again, forcing Brad Bates to contemplate some hard decisions about the future of the program. Lacrosse talk fires up again.


My thoughts:

1. Re: Jeff, I think if basketball and football return to the postseason in ANY capacity this year, it would take an actually-bad (2002, 2009) season by the hockey team to call this year a "disappointment" in BC athletics. We're all fired up about the Dazzler, but 6 wins is far from a given - and it's been so long since BC basketball has been relevant that the prospect is quite exciting.

2. Re: A.J., for even suggesting that Chase Rettig might get hurt, go to your room.

I will have my five predictions, along with five from Brian, tomorrow in Part III.