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Boston College Daily Links: Kids These Days And Their Twitter

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We are now just four days away from news about actual games.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Eagles social climbers | Boston Herald

In which the Boston Herald discovers The Twitter Machine and #BeADude.

First-year coach Steve Addazio and members of his staff are using social media outlets to supplement the traditional approach of selling the program.

Super Bowl Tickets, More Prizes Raffled Off For Dick Kelley’s Care | Heights Sports Blog

With a donation of Super Bowl XLVIII tickets from the Mara family and the New York Giants as the big prize, a raffle has been organized to raise funds for the care of longtime Boston College sports information director Dick Kelley. Kelley was diagnosed with ALS in September of 2011, and his story was chronicled by Sports Illustrated last spring. He was also named the Heights' Person of the Year.

Q & A With Women's Volleyball Coach Chris Campbell - BCEAGLES.COM

On the heels of Fukowi's scathing critique of the state of the women's volleyball program yesterday in a fanpost here on BCI, here's Mr. Campbell speaking for himself as the volleyball team prepares to start its season this weekend.

FIELD HOCKEY: Abby Bascetta playing a key role at Boston College - Foothills Media Group

BC defender and Connecticut native Abby Bascetta gets some love from her hometown paper, the Farmington Valley Times.

Women's Soccer To Host UConn on Wed. Night - BCEAGLES.COM

Last but not least, best of luck to BC women's soccer tonight in their tussle with UConn. May this be the first in a string of BC sports victories over the Huskies this year. #goAAC