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BC Interruption's ACC Power Rankings: Week 1

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Here is how the editors of BC Interruption see the ACC

Streeter Lecka

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of BC Interruption's ACC Power Rankings. Six of us voted (5 editors, and my wife), and were asked to consider this question. "At this moment, how would you rank the conference?". The top of the was pretty consistent, but near the middle it got really jumbled, with wide variability. Below you can see how it turned out.

1. Clemson
Average: 1.16
Highest Selection: 1
Lowest Selection: 2

Opponent: Georgia
Prediction: UGA 35 Clemson 31

Clemson is the overwhelming favorite to win the ACC this year, but week one is going to be a daunting task against one of the nation's best offenses. Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley and the high powered Bulldog offense will give the Tigers more than they can handle.

2. Florida State
Highest Selection: 1

Lowest Selection: 2

Opponent: Pittsburgh
Prediction: FSU 24 Pittsburgh 10

FSU draws an ACC opponent, I think they will come out a little rusty, but still should do everything they need to do to defeat Pittsburgh.

3. Miami
Average: 3.33
Highest Selection: 3
Lowest Selection: 5

Opponent: FAU
Prediction: Miami 42 FAU 6

Easy draw for Miami in the first week, Duke Johnson is arguably one of the most dynamic running backs in the nation, I suspect they may be a Top 2 ACC team by the start of next week.

4. North Carolina
Average: 4.25
Highest Selection: 3
Lowest Selection: 5

Opponent: South Carolina
Prediction Sakerlina 20 UNC 10

Clowney's coming. Be afraid, be very very afraid.

5. Virginia Tech
Average: 4.833
Highest Selection: 4
Lowest Selection: 5

Opponent: Alabama
Prediction: Alabama 30 Virginia Tech 10

Yes, I predicted an SEC sweep of the ACC in Week 1. As much as the Hokie fans want to jump on the #BeatBama bandwagon, I don't think they have a snowball's chance in hell. A.J. McCarron will start off a spectacular season against the Hokies, and T.J. Yeldon could start his Heisman watch.

6. Georgia Tech
Average: 6.16
Highest: 5
Lowest: 7

Opponent: Elon
Prediction: Georgia Tech 38 Elon 7

Elon has a football program. Which is neat.

7. N.C. State
Average: 7.5
Highest: 7
Lowest: 10

Opponent: Louisiana Tech
Prediction: N.C. State 28 LT 10

The Wolfpack will take care of business against the Bulldogs in Week 1.

8. Boston College
Average: 9
Highest: 8
Lowest: 12

Opponent: Villanova
Prediction: Boston College 45 Villanova 13

Steve Addazio's BC debut will be to the tune of an epic buttwhooping on Villanova. Chase Rettig will be spot on, and the defense will take advantage of turnovers.

9. (t) Virginia
Average: 10.33
Highest: 6
Lowest: 14

Opponent: BYU
Prediction: BYU 28 Virginia 13

Easily the team with the most variability in terms of where they were ranked.

9. (t) Duke
Average: 10.33
Highest: 8
Lowest: 13

Opponent: N.C. Central
Prediction: Duke 42 N.C Central 20

FCS beat down is in store.

11. Wake Forest

Highest: 7
Lowest: 13

Opponent: Presbyterian
Prediction: Wake Forest 31 Pres. 10

If anyone chooses to tune into this game, other than to scout for #therivalry then I feel sorry for you.

12. Pittsburgh
Average: 10.83
Highest: 9
Lowest: 13

Opponent: Florida State
Prediction: FSU 24 PIttsburgh 10

Welcome to the ACC Pitt.

13. Syracuse
Average: 12.16
Highest: 12
Lowest: 13

Opponent: Penn State
Prediction: PSU 31 Syracuse 6

They may be #hardnosed, but I don't think the Orange are going to be competitive against Bill O'Brien and the Nittany Lions.

14. Maryland
Average: 12.5
Highest: 9
Lowest: 14

Opponent: Florida International University
Prediction: Maryland 24 FIU 6

HAHAHA Maryland, you are on the bottom of our power rankings.