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Boston College Daily Links: Nine Days, Dudes

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Happy Thursday! We're one day closer to BC vs. Villanova.


Chase Rettig narrows focus for ’Nova | Boston Herald

"As we've downshifted to a game week, what happens is you have a more finite game plan," first-year coach Steve Addazio said. "Right now (Rettig) is trying to operate the whole offense, but he'll operate a more finite game plan against Villanova.

Eye On College Football - Report: UConn QB Richard Lagow transferring to Oklahoma State

According to's Damon Sayles, Connecticut quarterback Richard Lagow is transferring to Oklahoma State.

Womp womp.

A pretty fantastic look into the 90+ years of history between BC and Villanova by the fine young whippersnappers at The Heights.

My rough understanding is that that makes us, like, 10th in the country, right?

I have very little to add about Ohio State's new third jerseys, which are actually real, other than that this passed by several people who presumably get paid to make decisions like this without being stopped.