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Boston College Daily Links: Oh God, Stop It

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Some UMass football nonsense, a check-in on a football recruit, and some women's soccer preview content

Gillette Stadium, pictured during one of UMass's MACtion showdowns last year
Gillette Stadium, pictured during one of UMass's MACtion showdowns last year

Look, as a Massachusetts native and life-long resident, I have no problem with my Commonwealth's flagship university. I may have gone there myself if half of my high school class hadn't (you can only deal with the same people for so long). But it's hard to look at their jump to FBS, which basically zero people were clamoring for, and think of it as anything other than a pit into which Massachusetts taxpayers are tossing their money.

I genuinely wish them success in getting enough attendance to prevent being kicked out of FBS - which shouldn't be an issue next year when they face us, which will likely give them a 45K+ crowd for a home game and skew the numbers. But as part of his charm offensive to promote the program locally, UMass coach Charley Molnar seems to have been bit by some of Teh Stupid in an interview with the Boston Herald.

Charley Molnar spreads the word | Boston Herald

"I'm a firm believer that you don't have to be a UMass grad to be a UMass football fan. I liken it very similar to Ohio State or to Penn State, where they've got some rabid fans who never attended college. There's no reason why we can't be the college football team for the state of Massachusetts."

I don't know, I can think of a couple of reasons: 1) UMass is bad, and they play in a bad conference. 1a) Please don't compare yourself to Penn State and Ohio State, because they are good, and play in good conferences. 2) There is another college football program in Massachusetts that is better and has significantly more history. 3) This is not a college sports market, and because so many people went to various colleges, you're never going to have one school be "the state's team," and if you are one of those UMass fans who still thinks only BC is affected by this problem after seeing like 34 people attend UMass home games last year, I am sorry for you.

Of course, there is a certain program in Chestnut Hill that would want to be part of the discussion, but that also is part of Molnar's vision.

"I've made it really clear: I want to play BC and UConn on an annual basis."...

Well, I am sure you do. And that's cool. As a BC fan, I'd be open to BC playing UMass just about every year. Maybe not every year in perpetuity, but certainly most years. I'm even fine with it being a 1-for-1 instead of the typical 2-for-1 one would be looking for from a MAC foe. Gillette Stadium is, obviously, close by, and the game would likely be a quasi-home game. If both programs got decent, it could generate a little buzz, locally. I'm all for it.  Plus it would extend a helping hand to our Commonwealth brethren, who could probably use the 40-50K attendance game every two years to keep up their average. Do go on.

I want to make a Beanpot for the state of Massachusetts, who has the best (FBS) football team.

AHHHHH That's not what the effing Beanpot is. Your school has a hockey team. Do they participate in the Beanpot? No? Could it maybe be because the Beanpot is not about crowning the best program in Massachusetts? I am aware that UMass is in the Baseball Beanpot, which is silly. At least that event has four participants, three of whom are in Boston.

Given that this idea was also recently discussed in a shootyhoops context, may I propose the following rules for things to be called a "the Beanpot" -

1) The four participating institutions are BC, BU, Harvard, and Northeastern;
2) The game is played on ice.

So the men's, women's, and club hockey Beanpots are good. And if those four schools want to get their ish together and start curling teams, that works too. Otherwise, stop it. The Beanpot is a very specific, very unique, non-transferable tradition. The other college sports in New England should develop their own traditions, not try to adopt a weak version of hockey's.

"I want to play on a rotational basis each of the three New England (FCS) teams. For example, (UMass opens with) Maine this year. I'd like to get in a sequence where we're playing Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island. . . . (It) helps attendance, helps travel costs. It would be a win-win for everybody in the area."

You think it would be good for your program to play Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island regularly? Because I can think of a surefire way to make that happen.

And finally:

"I have no reason to believe that we can't average 20,000 (people) a game at Gillette Stadium," he said.

Well, I already outlined some of the reasons above. I'm sure once BC is on the schedule, UMass will get to their 20K mark, sort of like how the Revolution get their average attendance bumped by a few grand every year because of when the LA Galaxy come to town with their various cast of players people actually want to watch. But it's kind of amusing that "we can totally get 20,000 fans a game" is spoken in the same article as "we want to be Massachusetts' college football team," when there's a team in Massachusetts that routinely, even when sucking, draws over 35K, and is generally over 40 when they're good.

Moving on...

'Best ever'? Superstar Baker leads No. 25 M-H - Boston High School Blog - ESPN Boston

ESPN Boston takes a look at local recruit Jon Baker, who is coming to BC next year.

"In my 23 years coaching, with 10 years plus at Walpole, we had some great linemen, one that went to BYU [Cox], one that went to Boston College in Michael Cook," Olmsted said. "Jon Baker ranks as the No. 1 football player that I've ever coached. He is the ultimate word of professional, whether it's on the field or off the field, whatever he sets his mind to he does it, and he does it 100 percent. He doesn't stop until he gets it right.

Q & A With Women's Soccer Coach Alison Foley - BCEAGLES.COM - Boston College Official Athletic Site chats with Alison Foley about the upcoming season, which kicks off for real on Friday night at home against Stanford.