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Rubin on Rubin: Gold Medal for USA At Maccabiah Games

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He's still not the best looking Dan Rubin associated with something BC these days though, IMHO.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College senior and resident name stealer Danny Rubin scored 25 points and the United States defeated Argentina, 87-76, to win the gold medal at the 19th Maccabiah Games held in Israel. It capped a tournament where the Chevy Chase, Maryland native averaged 15 points per game and helped America to a 4-1 record in pool play.

Rubin experienced a breakout of sorts this tournament when he scored 22 against Russia. He went onto add 21 against Guinea-Bissau and 11 against Israel in the semifinals before leading the United States in scoring in the gold medal game.

The Maccabiah Games is an Olympiad of sorts aimed at displaying athletic achievement among the Jewish community. Any member of the Jewish faith is invited to participate in sports set forth by the Maccabi World Union, with age groups ranging from juniors to open ages and senior adult competition. In basketball, considered one of the premier events of the Games, teams drew stars such as Amar'e Stoudamire of the New York Knicks (a special assistant for Team Canada) and Brad Greenberg, former General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers (head coach of Team USA after his brother, former college coach and current ESPN analyst Seth, pulled out).

Other members of Team USA included Michigan sharpshooter Stu Douglass; Bryan Cohen, formerly of Bucknell; and 6'8" power forward Ben Carter from the Oregon Ducks. 6'10" center Jake Cohen joined the team out of Davidson, and multiple Ivy Leaguers from Cornell, Penn, and Columbia like Zack Rosen, Alex Rosenberg, and Eiten Chemerinski.

As a member of the Eagles, Rubin appeared in 26 games for BC, averaging just about a point and a rebound per game in about six minutes of playing time. That's not a ton of playing time for the rising senior, who at 6'5" had to fight for minutes with Olivier Hanlon and Patrick Heckmann. Still, he has clearly the best name on the team and should be commended for bringing pride to Dan Rubins everywhere.

With all of the confusion surrounding my first couple of articles, hopefully this will put to bed that I am clearly not the Dan Rubin playing basketball for the Eagles. A) I wrote an article about BU hockey, which nearly cost me my job here, and b) there apparently aren't big callings for guys who have the height of a point guard and the weight of a power forward with the vertical leap of a hockey goalie.

That said, this is clearly one small step for the Eagles and one giant leap for Dan Rubins everywhere. Mr. Rubin - I commend you, and I thank you.